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Top Tips And Advice For Bringing Up A Healthy And Happy Kitty

Cats are a great animal to keep in your home or apartment. Cats provide companionship and entertainment, and also keep vermin away from your home. Cats are sometimes not given their fair share of credit for keeping homes safer, and keeping undesirable critters off your property.

A heated tile for underneath your cat’s bed can provide real comfort. A terra cotta tile heated in your oven on about 200 degrees and for 15 minutes will do. Keep this underneath your cat’s resting space for extra warmth. If you want, change it now and then so the warmth continues.

When your female cat is old enough, you should have her spayed. Even if she is an inside cat, you need to spay her because she could get out. Having your cat spayed is the only way to 100 percent prevent accidental litters.

Never use a product on your cat that is intended for dogs. Cats are known to have severe negative reactions when exposed to products designed for dogs. When it comes to flea products this is particularly true. These dog flea products can even cause feline death. After your dog receives a flea treatment, keep your cat away for at least a few hours.

Keeping your cat off of the counter can be difficult. Cats naturally love heights so they can easily see everyone and everything. You may be able to battle this issue by giving your cat a high place to chill. The use of a cat tower within your kitchen or close by can help make the cats stay off the counter.

Never let your cat experience frequent boredom. Cats require physical activity. This is sadly overlooked by some cat owners. Bored cats tend to develop emotional and mental disorders that may negatively impact their health. Give them plenty of room to exercise and a wide selections of toys. If they stay indoors make sure they have a scratching post for climbing.

Cats are often nocturnal creatures. Do not be surprised if your cat is very active at night. Close the door to prevent the noise from getting to you. This will keep them from pouncing on you and trying to play in the middle of the night.

Don’t leave a kitten with small kids. Under five, the child needs to be watched. They don’t know what harm they can do. As a kid ages, they can show maturity with handling a little pet.

Cats like to be up high. To keep your cat healthy, provide your cat with a high place to sit. If a cat tree is not your style, clear off a sturdy shelf that he can jump up on. Install a small bed for your cat or a comfortable blanket.

A cat might not seem to be as good of a hunter as a guard dog, but dogs won’t put in the effort to hunt small critters, and they aren’t as friendly around the family. Cats are actually excellent hunters and often get the kill. Use all the tips from your article and learn more about the different things you can do to properly care for your cat.…

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What You Need To Know About Feline Care

It is important to give your cat the attention and care it deserves. Cats require different grooming than other animals. You need to pay attention to your cat. Read on to find more things cat owners should know.

Drape cords should be kept distant from cats. The cats will start playing with the cords and they can easily wrap around their necks. This could even choke them to death. Hide the cords for safety sake.

Properly groom your cat. Remember to brush your cat’s fur and comb it regularly. This can keep them clean. This will also cut down on shedding and can reduce issues with hairballs. Cat grooming will not only keep kitty looking great, but it will also help to reduce the effort spent picking up cat hair around the home.

Children usually take well to cats, but if you have a small child, you may need to provide some instruction. Make sure your child knows how to pet a cat. Help them learn how to pick up a cat and care for it. A cat’s bones can be quite fragile and they need to be treated gently.

When you get a kitten for kids, you have to set up a few rules first. Let them know which rooms and areas your cats should not be in. If you’re planning to have an indoor cat, explain to your children that the cat is not allowed to be outside. Establishing these boundaries ahead of time prevents any confusion.

Avoid letting your cat go outdoors. The outside world is very dangerous for cats. You cat can get fleas and contract diseases. Cats can also be hunted by other animals, stolen or hit by passing vehicles. If they have to go outside, make sure it’s a small area like your lawn or backyard.

Cats enjoy heights. Providing a safe environment for your cat is key to its happiness. You can use a cleared shelf if you’d rather not have a cat tree. Putting a soft cat bed on the shelf can help to add a little comfort.

Feed canned food to your cat. Dry food may cost less, but canned food has more benefits. Canned food is rich in protein and fat and also has a higher water content. If your cat is getting older, canned food is easier to chew as well. Speak with your veterinarian before making any major changes, however in general, canned food is better for your cat.

Play is something that all cats need to do. Playing is a very common activity shared by most animals. An older cat may not be as energetic as when it was younger, but still enjoys light play. Take time to have fun with your cat.

A well-cared-for cat is a happy cat. Do whatever you can to make sure your cat is happy. Anything you can do in terms of grooming that cat will definitely appreciate. You should apply the tips you just read to keep your cat happy and healthy.

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Ferret Care Explained

Ferret Care Explained

The time required for caring for a ferret should be considered before acquiring them. Ferrets have roots in the mustelid family and are considered as exotic animals. This means that as soon as they reach adulthood they would certainly exude some odor. De-scenting and spraying your ferret would be a better option if you are not breeding them. If you have two or more ferrets, you better care for them to ensure not to have a litter born and odor de-scenting is preferred. Ferrets also need vaccinations and regular health check up, so it is better to bring your newly purchased pet to the vet regularly.

Maintaining a balanced diet is a must for ferrets, cat foods and ferret foods of your choice can now be purchased in some pet stores near you. In choosing their food, you must guarantee that it contains at least 25% fat and 35% protein no matter what brand it is. Ferrets require higher fat levels compare to felines. A better blend of essential fatty acids and balanced fats such as poultry fat are better for ferrets. Fresh water must always be offered to your ferret. Ferrets drink more water from bowls than bottles. But if you are unable to maintain fresh water in the water bowl then using a bottle is the option left.

Always provide safe housing for your ferret. Think about a cage that is roomy, safe and easy to clean. It is important to consider the spacing of the cage. Once the ferret pushes its head through any part of the cage, definitely it is in danger. A cage where there is a possibility of getting the feet of your pet trapped is not an ideal cage. Ferrets like to play and run around the cage. If you don’t want to get your ferrets harmed then place them in a proper cage. Ferrets love to seclude themselves in dark padded places; they usually sleep 15 to 20 hours a day. And for both play and sleep, hammocks and sleeping sacks are preferred to use. Moreover, for your ferrets’ comfort – nice, quiet and private place to sleep – try placing a sheet over one part of their cage.

Since, ferrets love to chew on things, leaving something within their reach can be a risk for them. Always check your ferret’s cage for anything that is becoming damaged. Just in case your ferret swallows the wrong thing, your ferret will be in grave danger – it can cause obstruction in the intestines and will need to be surgically removed.

Ferrets are sociable. A thirty day old ferret should be introduced to humans. You should allow your ferrets a supervised playtime outside the cage or in a ferret’s proof room for at least twice a day. You must not leave your ferrets unattended outside the cage. Your ferrets are susceptible to getting hurt. Handling them regularly can benefit their training. This can assist your ferrets to interact with you. Ferrets are fond of cuddling and it is quite lovely when they do it with you. Ferrets can be trained easily. In training, the sooner you introduce them to a litter box the sooner you succeed. Ferrets are cool and loving pets, keep in mind that the more often you interact and care for them the more chances it is of living their life to the fullest.…

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Adopt a Ferret

Adopt a Ferret

Ferrets are wonderful animals; they are lovable and loyal to their owners. In today’s society, more and more people want to have a ferret as their pets. But before adopting or buying a ferret, there are a lot of things you need to consider since ferrets are animals that needs extra care and that they need a lot of money just to give them the best of health.

Preparing your home is just part of the “ferret proofing”. Every crack, holes, breakable, indoor plants, screws, wires needs to be kept, transferred to make sure that once you take out your ferrets for their play time, they would be safe. But this doesn’t mean that you will give them all the freedom to play. You still have to be there and look out on them in case there is an unavoidable situation that needs your attention.

When deciding on adopting a ferret, there are things that need to be available for your ferret. Cages, nail clippers, hammock, sleep sacks, ferret food, water bottle, litter pan, shampoo, and food dish. All of these are very important in your ferrets daily needs and hygiene.

If you have children who do not know how to handle any kinds of animal, then ferret is not for you. Ferrets need 2 to 3 hours of playtime everyday outside of their cage. This will ensure that they have enough exercise to avoid them from any diseases. And another thing you need to consider before buying or adopting a ferret. That the state or country where you live legalizes the adopting or buying of ferrets, since a lot of states and countries consider ferrets as exotic animals.

There are a lot of places and shops wherein you can adopt a ferret. If you want to take care of the abandoned ferrets, you can always check out the local shelters. And for those who wants to have a kit or a ferret that has never been in any family, then a licensed pet shop would be the place for you.

Looking for a ferret may take you sometime before you could ever find one. But it would be worth the wait I tell you. Most of the owners that have abandoned their ferrets are that they were in a hurry to have one without getting to know first the animal. You have to introduce yourself to the ferret and choose the one that caught your interest. In this manner, you will have a long and happy relationship with your ferret.

Buying for a substitute ferret would not be a good idea. You can always ask the owners when will be the next schedule of delivery and come back.…

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Tips on What to Feed a Ferret

Tips on What to Feed a Ferret

It’s fairly simple to figure out what to feed your ferrets if you understand a simple rule. Ferrets are obligate carnivores. What does that mean?

1. Firstly, what is a carnivore?

By layman’s definition, a carnivore is a critter that eats meat. The scientist’s definition is a bit significantly different. To a scientist, they are a subset of mammals. Remember from elementary school that a mammal has a four-chambered heart, a neocortex, three bones in the ear, bears live birth, feeds babies milk, and has hair at some point in life. A carnivore has the additional qualities of sharp claws, at least four toes on each foot, canine teeth, and molars that have slicing edges. Like humans and puppies, they have baby teeth that fall out and adult teeth that stay in permanently.

Most carnivores, by the scientific definition, eat meat, but there are some that hardly eat any meat at all. The giant panda bear, for example, is one of the eight bear species alive today, and all bears are classified in the order Carnivora. The giant panda bear, however, mostly eats bamboo, a grass.

2. What does that extra adjective, obligate, mean?

These critters must eat meat to survive. They can’t make all the nutrients their bodies need to survive, and many can’t digest vegetation at all. The family cat (and all felines, for that matter) are obligate carnivores. Have you ever seen a pet cat eat a carrot or green bean? Every Labrador I’ve ever had loves carrots, green beans, and pumpkins, but cats generally don’t touch vegetables. Occasionally a cat will eat some grass, but they do that because they need to vomit.

3. Ferrets are obligate carnivores.

To survive, a ferret must ingest meat.

So, what should you feed your pet ferret?

The kibble choice: The family cat is a carnivore, but you don’t have to feed it live mice or cook him a nice chicken dinner. Most people with cats feed their cat kibble. Like cats, you can feed your ferret kibble. In a pinch, you can even feed your premium ferret kitten food (not the typical grocery store kitten food). Ferrets have different nutritional requirements than cats. They need more protein, more fat, and less fiber than cats. However, if you feed your ferret kibble, your best bet is to feed him something that says “ferret” on the package. Read the package, and make sure it has the right ratios of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

The raw food choice: Many ferret owners are strong believers in feeding their ferrets meat and not kibble. Some people give their ferrets rats, mice, and chicken. Strong arguments exist for feeding the ferrets something more akin to the natural diet of the European polecat. If you live in the United States, however, you might have trouble convincing your ferrets of the advantages of a raw diet. I’ve had twenty ferrets pass through my house and nary a one has ever been tempted by either raw or cooked chicken. (Soup is another story. They like chicken soup.)

My choice: I give my ferrets a choice of a couple of different kinds of Totally Ferret food. This food can be ordered online. (I’m fortunate that I live close to the office and I can walk across the street to get it.) I also give my ferrets “treats” of Ferretone, Vivify, Ferretvite, and other oils.…

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Learn How to Train a Ferret Using 5 Simple Steps

Learn How to Train a Ferret Using 5 Simple Steps

We often hear how patience works in learning how to train a ferret pet. Indeed, your persistence will take you at a point wherein all worries will be reduced to mere numbers. Matters of consistency and organization are also great tips, provided that you will implement these steps with regularity.

In learning how to train a ferret, you have to understand that it is not as easy as a piece of cake. There is time involved as well as constant work. You have to include this training as part of your daily schedule or incorporate items that could sustain your pet’s interest.

In litter training your pet, it is important to set a number of dos and donts. For one, keep all necessary items within reach. Meaning, you have to ensure that ferret supplies are available at your own expense. You do not need a chart telling you specific rules, for as long as you start giving in to your specified regimen, then actions for discipline will be put in place.

1. The first easy step in litter training would be provision of necessary items. This includes litter boxes, trays, newspapers and cardboard boxes. You can buy them at supply shops or you can likewise improvise items yourself. Just make sure that you will place a litter tray inside your pet’s cage.

2. Clearly observe. In learning how to train a ferret, behavioral patterns and ways are often indicative of their supposed habits. For example, if you found out that your ferret normally defecates under beds or drawers, you might want to place a litter box in there as well.

3. Once your pet is already used to using his litter tray, placing a second litter box outside his cage is deemed necessary. You might also want to let him out within a confined area or limited space for easy monitoring.

4. Once you notice that your pet is about to defecate, you would normally see him backing into a definite corner. Once you see this, it is best if you will place him near the litter tray or inside his cage.

5. Lastly, do not punish your ferret if he is unsuccessful in using the litter tray. Punishments are and will never be deemed proper to instill discipline. Ferrets have feelings too and they know if they are not treated well. Besides, you do not want your pets to get scared of you.

Aside from patience, adaptability is also crucial in learning how to train a ferret. It means that you have to adjust not only your schedule but preferences. Methods of teaching should be changed to become more effective. In the long run, once you become patient and adaptive, great results will be gained.…

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Ferret Training – How to Do it Right

Ferret Training – How to Do it Right

Ferret training can be very easy and enjoyable. Ferrets are very intelligent pets, therefore they can be trained to do a lot of things including cool tricks such is: jump to your hand, roll over, and run to you within one single whistle and many more!

The best way to ferret training is by rewards and not by punishes. When you reward your ferret he learns what you expect him to do in a positive way. If you will shout at him or even hit him you will not train it professionally and won’t see results. Ferret training is also means that you need to think like a ferret. For example in the wild nature ferrets bites and scratches as apart of their survival skills, the baby ferret plays like that from a very young age. If your ferret is misbehave, than its must be because he is afraid and you need to gain his trust slowly and with patience.

When it’s come to ferret training the best rewards you can give your ferret are food, but please keep in mind that it has to be in small amounts. The reason why you need to reward the ferret is because ferrets don’t do tricks just for their own fun or to make others happy; they do it for the rewards. (On the contrary – when you train a dog to play he does it just for the fun and joy).

A lovely ferret trick is to make him run to you when you do a special noise – let’s say whistle. In order to get this trick done you simply need to whistle every time you give him food. First time whistle very close to him when you hold the food in front of him, On the next meal whistle again but a little far for him, and in the next lunch be less close to him. If you do it right for a week or more, than on the next time you whistle and your lovely ferret won’t even know where you are, he will try to search all around to reach you.…

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Ferret Hammock Laziness and Why You Should Indulge It

Ferret Hammock Laziness and Why You Should Indulge It

If you’re new to ferrets, you may be surprised to hear that there is such a thing as a ferret hammock. That’s right, a ferret hammock! Actually, the reality is that ferrets sleep a lot. In fact, they may sleep as much as 20 hours a day! As if that’s not enough, even when they are awake, they like to hide and hang out in cozy little dark places.

That’s probably enough to help you see why they might like a nice little ferret hammock. However, there’s actually a bit of a scientific basis for this. These creatures actually regulate their body temperature while they sleep. Just think of it in terms of how we use more or fewer blankets depending on our environment. We can make these adjustments with ease. However, ferrets are helped in this process when they have different little places to hang out and rest. If they have options, then they can choose what suits them at any given time.

By considering different options, such as the ferret hammock, you’ll help optimize their living environment and ensure that they live a long, happy life. So, let’s cover some of the more common options you can select from. One is called the sleep sack. Some people might call this a nap sack. It’s a nice little piece that lets the ferret sneak away and get extra warm when need be. The sleep sack just sits at the bottom of the cage. You can find them with either one or both ends open. When they crawl inside, they are completely surrounded, just like you are when you burrow down in a sleeping bag. If you poke around, or shop online, you can even find a more modern version of the sleep sack. This kind is made real well, and it’s designed to be used as a toy as well.

After the basic sleep sack, the next big item to consider is my personal favorite. The ferret hammock is very popular. The ferret hammock is, as you would expect, suspended in the air. This gives them that added sense of levitating that we all enjoy. The hammock has a crevice that they crawl into and they are then nestled inside. The ferret hammock will cradle them, but yet they will have the open space above them. This is a better option than the sleep sack when they don’t need to be quite so warm.

The ferret hammock will provide some fun benefits for you as well. They come in a wide assortment of designs and colors, so you can let your personality show forth. Will you like the fleece variety that has a liner inside? Or will you pick the one with the peculiar shape? In particular, what about the giant group hammocks? These are a riot, as they are set up to hold a few of these guys at once. Seeing as they like to snuggle anyway, this just provides the perfect opportunity for such. In any event, note that you’ll want to consider that there are flat ferret hammocks, as well as some shaped like a boot. I’ve even see one with a zipper.

Based on what I’ve known and seen, I really feel you cannot go wrong with a ferret hammock. They are not terribly expensive and they get a lot of use. They sleep in them, play in them, and you can even catch quite the perfect picture, especially if you have a group hammock. The one tip I would recommend is that you make sure the one you buy is machine washable. If you get one that is made well, it will be worth it. If it starts to come apart, then you’ll need to replace it. It could become unsafe otherwise.…

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The Ins and Outs of Purchasing Ferrets Online

The Ins and Outs of Purchasing Ferrets Online

Thanks to the proliferation of technology, pet owners who wish to purchase ferrets can do so via online. There are of course advantages and disadvantages with online transactions. There are many safety measures that potential pet owners should adhere to when purchasing ferrets online.

When purchasing ferrets online, ferret owners should research on the ferret itself, including important details such as the health of the animal. Be sure to look up the legitimacy of the organization you wish to purchase the ferrets from. The Internet is your best tool in researching where the quality breeders and ferrets are. The next factor ferret buyers should consider is that the pet needs to be transported from the physical store to your residence. As an online buyer, your topmost priority is to ensure that the ferret is healthy. On top of the cost of ferrets, online buyers should factor in additional expenses such as transportation fees and shopping costs of delivering the ferret to your home.

When shopping for ferret online, you need to have access to a clear and sharp photo of the ferret you are considering. This will help you determine if the ferret is indeed healthy. Before you make the purchase, ask for a photo of the ferret while it is inside the cage. A picture of the cage will allow you to see if the ferret is kept in clean and hygienic accommodation. It is imperative that you do so to ensure you are not bringing home a sick ferret.

Before buying a ferret via the Internet, check if the ferret store is within the vicinity of your home. This helps save you the trouble of worrying about transportation, especially since it would involve long train rides or air flights. Purchasing a ferret from a nearby online store helps to avoid unnecessary long hours of transportation. This helps to create a favorable first encounter with your ferret.

When purchasing a ferret, it is important to do research by yourself instead of basing your decision on hearsay. Ascertain the facts and vital details about the ferrets on your own to make an informed decision.

Buying Ferrets Online

There is a myriad of online ferret stores. These stores offer you a range of ferret supplies and accessories as well. However, there are many online ferret stores that do not go by the term, even though they are offering ferrets and supplies for sale. You will need to do more research to uncover these online stores.

Due to the overload of search results, you are likely to get confused as to where to purchase your ferret. The best way to sift through these results is to search for the leading and reputable online stores. Of course, many online stores will claim to be the “best” and “leading” chain to trick you into buying ferrets from them. The next thing you will have to do is to establish the credibility of the online store. Check out the year the online store was founded. If the online store is relatively new, you may question if it will be able to deliver your orders. Online stores that offer lifetime warranties on ferret products should also make the top of your list.

Some online stores are also involved in charitable activities, such as gifting generous donations to animal rights groups. These are the businesses that are not just interested in making profits. Stores that advocate the welfare of animals are usually trustworthy companies that you can do business with.…