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4 Cool Black-Footed Ferret Facts For Kids

4 Cool Black-Footed Ferret Facts For Kids

Most of us are apprehensive in allowing our children to have pets. In fact, the major concern most parents have has something to do with behavior and training. However, the following black-footed ferret facts will help you relieve the tension behind each concern. For the more you know these, the more you are prepared to introduce them to your kids.

Below are 5 cool black-footed ferret facts for you and your kids:

1. First fact has something to do with its connection to rats or hamsters. Yes, black-footed ferrets are not considered rodents but are actually members of the Mustelidae family.

If your kids are familiar with weasels, badgers or otters, you might find it easier to tell them black-footed ferret facts before owning them.

2. Another fact that is commonly listed as one of the coolest black-footed ferret facts would be their physiology. While your kids may have gotten the idea from neighbors or playmates, it is still best to learn how their physiological features set these animals apart from other ferrets.

For one, a black-footed ferret approximately weighs two pounds. It has an estimated length of 45 centimeters and a tail that measures for about six inches. Just like its relatives, these ferrets are quite known for their short legs and long bodies.

3. Your child may have heard of albino or pure white ferrets. However, he would have loved it best once he had known about differently-colored pets. Color, as one of the black-footed ferret facts, remains as the most distinctive.

In fact, seeing a pet that is highly-recognizable for its white fur may be normal for others. But once you noticed the transition all the way from its base up to its tips that is how the so called wonder begins. Plus, who would miss the ferret’s black-colored face?

4. Lastly, since most parents struggle when it comes to pet behavior and training, this component of the given black-footed ferret facts will seal the deal.

A black-footed ferret is a nocturnal animal, which is why it often seeks insects and smaller animals as preys. Yes, this creature may be a little different in certain aspects but if a young child wants it for a pet, the only preventive measure would be to properly guide and assist your children while owning a black-footed ferret. Doing your research regarding these pets will likely help, as it will not only make you knowledgeable but proficient. Plus, you can even add this one up as part of your parent and kid activity, which could be helpful in making your kids informed as well.It appears that your web host has disabled all functions for handling remote pages and as a result the BackLinks software will not function on your web page. Please contact your web host for more information.…

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Baby Ferret

Baby Ferret

All babies are cute! It is really hard to resist a baby of any species… but it’s extremely difficult not to fall madly and hopelessly in love with a baby ferret (known as a “kit”). Ferret babies have endless energy (although they do sleep a lot) – they are mischievous and very playful. If you think adult ferrets were always on the move, you have seen anything yet!

Considering buying a baby ferret? It if you already have small children in the house, then it’s probably not a good idea. Here are some considerations you need to take into account.

If your hands are already full with your own children, bring in a baby ferret is likely to consume your time even further. Generally speaking, the more active the ferret, the more of your time it will consume. You are probably already aware of this rule regarding your own children (if you have any)!

Baby ferrets also tend to bite or nibble more than older ferrets. This may not go down well with your small children, often leading to tears and trauma when they are surprised by an unexpected “nip”. Some owners find this cute and almost encourage it from the kit, but this can escalate quickly and before you know it, you have an adult ferret that wont stop biting everyone.

A baby ferret also needs to be trained. You will need to socialize it as well – making sure it gets used to people. Like all “parents”, you will need to show the kit what is right and wrong, a further demand.

A kit also has the extra burden of vaccinations and shots, which all adult ferrets should have already received. There are a series of Canine Distemper shots and some booster shots, which means multiple visits to the vet. It is best to visit the same vet for all vaccinations. Most baby ferrets would have received their first shot from the establishment you received it, but you will need to ensure the full series is carried out.

So, altogether, a lot more effort is required, but there are some benefits: you get to train the ferret the way you want to; the ferret will know you from the start of its life and form a stronger lasting bond with you and your family more easily; the ferret’s habits are linked to the local surroundings, making training easier than if it was relocated when it reached adulthood.

There you have it, a baby ferret is a joy to have, but a responsibility too.…

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Essential Information Before You Buy Ferret Cages and Other Ferret Stuff

Essential Information Before You Buy Ferret Cages and Other Ferret Stuff


Now that you know for sure your getting a ferret. At this point people always ask me what now Brandon. Now ferret food will need to be bought. It is important that you do not feed you ferret cat food. There are to many choices available of ferret food to buy. When you buy ferret food, you know it will have the nutrients your ferret will need. You could also make them food your self I will be adding a recipe or two eventually.


Personally, I don’t like to buy ferret cages I like to build them. My ferrets enjoy it when I make them stuff, to be honest they like it when my wife buys them stuff. This way I can customize it, make multi level, add tubing, trap doors and trick out their mansions. But not everyone likes to get out there and build it or just don’t have the time to do it in most cases. there is nothing wrong with buying one sometimes it is necessary. I bought my first four or five before I took the plunge. When you buy one take into consideration the room your ferrets will need to play. Remember a multi level ferret cage will take less floor space.


This is not rocket science; you will need to buy ferret toys. Now I did not say you had to spend a lot of money on toys. Dave’s (one of my ferret) favorite toy is a 20 oz Diet Pepsi bottle. When I come in that is the first thing he wants he (we) play with it for an hour or so. When he is done I say go for three and he throws it in the wastebasket. Another trick for cheap toys, when a toy gets we’ll say a little odor to it, don’t trash it wash it. After washing hang it up for a month or so and then give it back to them or hang it in the ferret cage as a new toy, they go nuts.


Okay, you will have many choices available to you when you buy ferret beds. This will depend on what your goals are for these. You have hammocks, slings, beds and sacks. I like to give my ferrets options so they have more nap areas then ferrets. They even make a “cool sack,” which is exactly what it sounds like. They have this octopus multi ferret bed that they love to play in. Multi ferret beds are great if youhave more then one ferret.


As you can see there are many choices you have for food and cat food shouldn’t be one. A ferret cage is a personal choice as well as dependent on how many ferrets you have and the space available in you home. Toys can be luxurious to a soda bottle its your choice, but make sure you have something. There are a wide variety of beds available that are dependent on your needs as well as your ferrets. I hope this helps you figure out what you get when you buy ferret supplies.…

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Top 5 Choices As Ferret Treats and Snacks

Top 5 Choices As Ferret Treats and Snacks

We have heard of famous diets such as the Marshall Ferret diet. We also heard that there are preferable items meant for ferrets. Since most owners have tried using commercially-prepared items, sometimes resorting to an all natural and healthy diet simply works.

Even ferret treats are welcomed as part of their daily diet. Others even use these snacks when they want to reward their pets. Be it as a form of reward system or as a part of their menu for the day, items such as ferret treats must also be considered.

Below is a list of advisable ferret treats:

1. Meat-based items such as cat food. These are usually given as first forms of ferret food. Slowly, as more people get their hands on commercial food preparations, cat food no longer becomes as the sole provider of much needed proteins and nutrition.

2. Dairy products such as eggs. Boiled eggs, in particular, rank as one of the most popular ferret treats. It is also advisable if you are keen into giving a meat-based kind of diet to your pets.

3. Cooked fish and meat. This list of ferret treats includes liver, seafood and muscle meats.

4. Fruits are also notable items as part of ferret snacks or treats. On the contrary, nuts and sugary items must be monitored if not given sparingly.

5. What makes ferrets special is their preference for meats. This is also the reason why many of them want to nibble on liver-flavored items. There are cat foods that are flavored the same way and are indeed great choices as ferret treats.

Perhaps, the only thing that keeps ferrets alive is their liking for fruits, meats even sweets. On the other hand, moderation should be applied when giving these items. Their preference towards certain foods is also understandable considering that they can get used to commonly given treats easily. So, the next challenge would be to introduce newer sets of treats.

Food has always been a top priority, in terms of pet owning. We know that these animals go for things that are vastly different if not totally unique. As their primary guardian and keeper, it is a must to learn what foods are highly-recommended if not suitable for them.

Ferret treats, in general, are not totally restrictions to begin with. There are instances wherein giving some are either allowable or tolerable, provided that such is monitored well. On the other hand, while giving treats are also advisable, giving your pets too much of these items are also likely causes of diseases.…