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Six Ferret Colors to Choose From

Six Ferret Colors to Choose From

Ferrets come in all shapes and sizes, from 2 lbs to 6 lbs, from chubby to lean and from a laid back personality to a hyper persona. They also come in a wider spectrum of ferret colors and color patterns. Due to the explosion in popularity of these pets, breeders have recently taken coloring to a new level. Ferrets started off with two basic colors, Sable and Albino. Sables are popular and really capture the persona of these little guys. Like a raccoon, sables have a dark mask over their eyes and a dark brown overcoat with a white undercoat. Albino ferrets have a missing pigment resulting in a pure white coat and red eyes. I’m not really sure why people find albinos attractive; they’re kind of creepy looking if you ask me. There are a variety of patterns that have been popping up lately and I’ll review a couple of choices later in this post, but here is a list of colors that you might find helpful.

Black Sables: with a mask but darker coat. No white undercoat

Chocolate: with a mask but a very light brown.

Champagne: light brown with a white head

Cinnamon: light red or pepper orange

Dark-eyed white: DEW’s are white with black eyes. Not true albino.

Silver: salt and pepper color

Color patterns come in a variety of choices. One popular color pattern is the Panda pattern. Any body color and a white head distinguish this. The mitts pattern is a ferret with four white feet. Mitts are actually a favorite of mine, but as you’ll read below. Don’t put too much emphasis on color or color patterns.

Placing too much emphasis on coloring can impede your better judgment in choosing a good ferret. I have seen it over and over again. Go check out your local shelters and look for yourself. What you should be looking out for is a healthy, happy and well-behaved ferret first. Then choose your favorite color or pattern. Most people won’t listen to this advice, so don’t blame me.

If you provide your ferret with a super nourishing environment, his shiny coat will give him rockstar looks. So how do you maintain a shiny coat? It all starts with diet. Like all ferrets, they have special nutritional needs and must be fed a diet of high-protein and high-fats. Most ferret foods comply with this but you should check anyway. Vitamin supplements are just that – supplements. If you’re feeding your pet right, then no supplements are necessary. A weekly brushing will stimulate your ferret’s skin and take away mangled hair. Ferrets are actually clean animals, yea I know they can smell, but they are tidy. Don’t bath them more than once a month. Actually, bath them only when they got themselves into a mess. Bathing them too much will actually dry their skin and produce more smelly oils.

In the end, look into choosing a healthy ferret and provide him with a nourishing environment. Have him checked up regularly by a veterinarian and don’t put too much emphasis on color. A good ferret will bring joy and happiness into your home and that’s all that matters…

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Raise Happy Pets With the Help of Ferret Toys

Raise Happy Pets With the Help of Ferret Toys

Remember the time when you first brought your pet home? Can you still recall the first line of accessories that you bought for them? As always, excitement fills the air when it comes to getting things for your pet cat or dog, but how about ferret toys?

For first-timers, these toys maybe different as compared to fleece items or balls. Many of you might be thinking of tunnels and domes. But are there other known types of ferret toys?

Here is a list of valuables:

1. Tunnels are like escape routes for ferrets. Remember how they used to play within gaps or holes? The same principle is basically followed when you purchased tunnels.

These are actually ferret toys made of vinyl. For those who want varied sizes and lengths, there are actually ones available in the market. Just determine your pet’s size and you are all ready into buying your first tunnel set.

2. Have you heard of branded toys such as Kong? These are actually made of rubber and are formerly known as dog toys. However, due to the increasing demand for ferret toys, many sellers opt to have this in their stores.

3. Sports balls are also made of materials such as rubber and fabric. Ferrets love to play with small items and drag them around with the help of their paws. These toys are also perfect if you want to keep your pets continuously entertained. Just give them something to play with and you can leave them inside their cages or playpens.

4. There are actually sets or playground kits suitable for ferrets. What’s good about this is that you can extend, expand and recreate using connecting parts such as elbows and interlocking tunnels. You can even have this in lieu of ordinary play sets.

Entertainment and leisure are definitely parts of pet owning. Not only are you expecting these animals to provide you with affection or companionship, but you are also expected to give something in return. Visit ferret sites and online resources. Fill those shopping carts and think of toys as gifts.

Raise happy and active pets using these toys and treats. Play with colors and items that truly fit their hyper personalities. Ferrets are adored by owners and kids due to their playful spirit. Smiles and giggles usually fill the air as you see these animals interacting and playing with each other. So, never think twice in buying ferret toys. Go to your nearest pet shop and have some today.…

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Best 5 Places to Find Baby Ferrets For Sale

Best 5 Places to Find Baby Ferrets For Sale

Part of the reason why we love pets is because we think highly of them as companions. For some, these living creatures are like friends. They can be your therapy after a day’s work. They can be your best buddy and playmate. More so, kids and youngsters even regard pets as someone who will fill their days with fun and excitement. So, what if your child is into baby ferrets? Where can we find baby ferrets for sale?

Generally, ferrets are expected to live for a number of years. These cuddly pets are also very playful and active. You can even train them yourself. Teach them some tricks or make your monthly toy purchases. Either way, these kits grant us the chance to be more responsible and responsive.

Nowadays, pet shops put up signs that relatively signal baby ferrets for sale. There are also individuals who breed and sell kits for a living. So, where can we really buy baby ferrets? Here are some of the best places.

1.    Online shops. It is true that the virtual world offers practically anything. All the way from shoes, bags to accessories, gadgets even pets. There are even sites that particularly address ferret concerns and needs. They are somewhat acting like middlemen offering ferret pets.

2.    Originally, pet shops are the primary sources of animals and future pets. Signs stating baby ferrets for sale are basically posted on windows and front shelves. They are also great sources of food, supplies and related accessories.

3.    You may also refer to local newspapers and yellow pages for a possible list of ferret dealers. You can also decide to search every data online by simply browsing onto the site of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals or ASPCA.

4.    Farms are also great sources of baby ferrets. Like the previous option, you can readily find possible listings on newspapers and directories. This is also the haven of ferret breeders, whose knowledge might serve you well as a first-time ferret owner.

5.    Shelters maybe are unlikely places where signs of baby ferrets for sale can be seen. However, various organizations opt to provide ferret enthusiasts with possible options of adopting baby ferrets. This is a noble cause, considering the number of abandoned animals and pets in many cities and states.

As a precaution for buyers, you have to remind yourself that any purchase comes with a tag price. Never settle for just one option. Instead, try to see the rest of your choices before coming up with a decision.…

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Choosing the Best Ferret Food

Choosing the Best Ferret Food

Are you thinking of bringing a ferret into the home but you don’t know what to feed them? Or, are you a long term ferret owner that wants to make sure you are getting it right?

What do ferrets eat?

If you’re thinking about getting a pet ferret for your family, you’ve probably visited your local grocery store or supermarket and drawn a blank. Rows and rows of different feeds for cats and dogs, but little or nothing in the way of ferret food.

If you’ve been a ferret owner for a while you may have cracked the first part of the ferret food puzzle, but knowing that you often have to find a good pet store to get ferret food is only part of the solution.

Ferret nutrition is a developing science, spurred on by the increasing popularity of ferrets. New pet food products may have a better understanding of the science but a few guiding principles should help you to make the right food choices. Here are some key tips.

1. Ferrets are carnivores. They don’t eat anything but meat in their natural diet, so you need to avoid feeding them anything that didn’t come from an animal.

2. Pet food is not ferret food. The kind of things you might feed a cat or dog may be totally unsuitable for a ferret. Why? The nutritional balance is going to be all wrong. Many foods that cats or dogs can digest will cause havoc to a ferret’s digestive system.

3. Check the label. You will need to find a food with high protein content and plenty of fats, without resorting to plant materials. Getting the right balance is vital.

4. Variety is the spice of life. While there are some interesting alternatives in the market most owners settle for a dry food heavy diet, though that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit. Just make sure it’s ferret safe.

What About Ferret Treats?

Better understanding about a ferret’s diet means no more unsuitable treats. You’ll want to get this right before your ferret develops bad habits. Cooked meat and hard-boiled eggs are good for a homemade treat.

You will need to pay close attention to the label when choosing commercially produced treats. Remember- if it doesn’t come from an animal, it’s no good. Some treats out there are great, while others leave a lot to be desired. Be a wise pet owner and get in the habit of checking out the details.…

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Different Types of Ferret Litter

Different Types of Ferret Litter

There are some ferrets that can be very particular when it comes to the ferret litter that is placed in their litter box. One of your ferrets might want to have wood pellets while another might prefer having recycled newspapers. What you need to know is that there are lots of different types of ferret litter available in the market, and so it will not be hard for you to provide each of your ferret’s preference. To know more about the different types of ferret litter that you can put in your pet’s litter box, here are some of the most commonly used ferret litter available. This can help you distinguish easily the different types of ferret litter depending on your ferret’s preference which can be any of the following:

Recycled newspaper pellets

o Non-allergenic

o Dust free

o Each piece of pellet is about A�” long and can absorb as much as 400% waste compared to litters made of clay

o Safe for ferrets who have delicate respiratory system

o This type is biodegradable so it can be incinerated, composted or mulched and can also be an excellent odor control.

Recycled wood fiber

o Free of any aromatic inks or oils and can be used as urine odor neutralizer.

o Can absorb up to 3 A� times its weight and is environmentally friendly

o Eliminates odor and maximizes odor control.

Natural wood pellets

o Made of 100% natural wood in a convenient pellet form.

o Maintains the cleanliness of litter boxes and cages and keeps them clean and smelling fresh.

o Can easily scoop out sawdust and solid waste.

Reclaimed wood fibers

o This type of litter is super soft and can be used as natural odor control.

o This too is environmentally safe and can be easily composted or mulched, and is safe to flush in small amounts.

Wheat litter

o Does not contain any silica dust, clay or any other chemicals and is fragrance-free.

o Biodegradable, non-toxic and is safe to flush.

o This litter can continually eliminate odor naturally.

Bentonite pearl litter

o This type is made from materials which are non-toxic and can inhibit bacteria which may cause waste odor.

o Can help reduce the cleaning of your pet’s cage of up to 30% or more.

With a wide variety of choices, you will surely find one that will best suit each of your ferrets liking so it will not be hard for you to provide them what they need when it comes to litters. You may try each of these in small quantities to determine which among these will be preferred by your ferret.…

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5 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

5 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

Ferrets are unlike your usual pet cat or dog. In fact many current ferret owners believe them to be just as good if not better! Here are some reasons why:

They sleep for around 18-20 hours a day – this is a great thing for people with busy lives be it work, socialising or extra curricular activities. If you leave your ferrets at home, in a cage, while you work they will sleep all day and be revving to play when you get home. You won’t need to worry about them while you are at work as you can have the peace of mind that they are peacefully sound asleep.

They always remain fun to play with and never seem to grow up! – Cats and dogs will grow out of their kitten and puppy behaviour before too long, ferrets on the other hand will not lose their sense of fun and always want to play like puppies and kittens do, whether it be pouncing, tackling or chasing you around,they will always try to engage you during playtime!

The more they bond to you the more love they show – Ferrets are not that easy to win over. You have to put some effort in for them to show some affection. But once you experience that first real ferret cuddle and once they start showing you some love, then you will feel happiness like you have never felt before. It’s true what they more you need to work for something the more you appreciate it and there is nothing better than the love you get from a ferret!

Watching them is more entertaining than watching T.V.! – Ferret owners all over the world call their ferrets ‘Nature’s Comedians’! This is because when they play and explore it is like they do everything possible to make you laugh! You have not been properly entertained till you experience and watch some ferret antics!

They will teach you more about yourself then you will teach them! – Yep, that’s right! You as a ferret owner will learn so much about yourself. This includes: how patient you are, how caring you are, how much of a sense of humour you have and a whole stack of other things! You might think you are the one doing the training but the truth ‘s the other way around! Ferrets will not only rule you heart but will also rule you! …

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Ferret Training Tip – Repetition Key to Ferret Litter Training

Ferret Training Tip – Repetition Key to Ferret Litter Training

Training your ferret to use a litter box is very similar to how we learned to recite the alphabet. Repetition, reward and repeat were the three “R”s that went into this specialty training and those same three letters are key when you plan to train ferret to listen to your commands and follow instruction.

By nature, ferrets are very active and very curious animals. They can’t stay still and they truly love to explore and venture. Getting them to stay still long enough for you to teach them tricks is a trick in itself. But don’t despair, there are ways you can learn how to train a ferret and get him to do what you want.

First off, training your ferret is something that needs to be done almost every day until they finally start getting the message. The first thing that people wish to do is “ferret litter training”. This is important, as it will teach this little animal to use the litter box and save your run from sure destruction. By keeping a litter box in their cage and at least one is a small room, they will start to grasp the idea of what purpose that box serves. When they use the box, it is up to you to make a fuss and reward them immediately. Having them associate their action in the litter box to receiving a treat from you instills value to them to use the box instead of your hardwood floors.

Start with small areas and gradually work your way to larger ones. Don’t expect the ferret to train using the litter box in their cage and immediately be responsible enough to use a litter box located in one area of your apartment. You need to work to this point.

When I first brought my ferret home, I was mistaken in thinking that as soon as they learn to use the litter box in the cage, they were safe to roam my apartment on their own. This was a lesson I learned right away. Don’t forget to reward your ferret every time he uses the box as rewarding them a treat is one of the best ways to ensure that he will get the message.

It is very important to understand that training a ferret takes a little time a great deal of patience, but if done correctly and repeated religiously, your animal will succeed in seeing things and learning things your way.…