5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Ferret Smell and Odor

Normally, kids love to have pets. As parents and supervising adults, it is upon us to guide our children and siblings what to own and how to care of their pets. As ferret owners, one great difficulty that we are having as owners has something to do with ferret smell and odor. In line with this concern, below are helpful tips on how to avoid or lessen ferret smell problems.

We all know that ferrets are fun and playful pets. We also know that ferret owning speaks of various tasks and responsibilities. However, regardless of how we try to keep everything smell-free, it is always a given that ferret cages and pens are very prone to odor and smell.

   1. The first step to getting rid of ferret smell is by means of knowing what has to be known and learned. You have to understand that as a prospective owner, taking some time to know your future pet is necessary. Just like other pets, ferrets have this very specific scent. This natural smell is innate among ferrets and knowing this fact somehow lessens our poor judgment.

   2. Try to learn everything about our pets and do not hastily act on it. For instance, since ferrets have this distinctive smell, owners tend to bathe and clean them often. Of course, this practice forms part of the so called ferret hygiene but overdoing this may result to an even stronger ferret smell.

If you are about to study the skin component of ferrets, you will be surprised as to how their skin oil affects their odor and generally the existence of unavoidable ferret smell. Just like humans, this certain skin oil acts as some form of defense. It keeps the ferret’s coat from drying and bathing your pet often may result to overproduction of said skin oil.

   3. Unsanitary cage conditions are another probable culprit. You have to learn how to potty train your ferrets as this will definitely help in lessening unwanted smell and odor. Litter literacy also includes having the proper equipment and tools such as litter trays and boxes.

   4. Have a ferret-friendly environment. Make sure that you give your pets the right access to everything necessary. Aside from placing litter trays and boxes, cleaning these items will relatively help.

   5. Clean your ferret’s cage to avoid such stinky ferret smell. Do this on a regular basis. It is advisable to do these clean-ups at least once a week. Bedding and other ferret accessories should be cleaned as well. Use mild detergent and warm water in cleaning your ferret’s cage. Apply some deodorizer while cleaning.  Just make sure to attend to these essentials and surely, you will find yourself having a pet that is foul odor-free.

By Laura