5 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

Ferrets are unlike your usual pet cat or dog. In fact many current ferret owners believe them to be just as good if not better! Here are some reasons why:

They sleep for around 18-20 hours a day – this is a great thing for people with busy lives be it work, socialising or extra curricular activities. If you leave your ferrets at home, in a cage, while you work they will sleep all day and be revving to play when you get home. You won’t need to worry about them while you are at work as you can have the peace of mind that they are peacefully sound asleep.

They always remain fun to play with and never seem to grow up! – Cats and dogs will grow out of their kitten and puppy behaviour before too long, ferrets on the other hand will not lose their sense of fun and always want to play like puppies and kittens do, whether it be pouncing, tackling or chasing you around,they will always try to engage you during playtime!

The more they bond to you the more love they show – Ferrets are not that easy to win over. You have to put some effort in for them to show some affection. But once you experience that first real ferret cuddle and once they start showing you some love, then you will feel happiness like you have never felt before. It’s true what they more you need to work for something the more you appreciate it and there is nothing better than the love you get from a ferret!

Watching them is more entertaining than watching T.V.! – Ferret owners all over the world call their ferrets ‘Nature’s Comedians’! This is because when they play and explore it is like they do everything possible to make you laugh! You have not been properly entertained till you experience and watch some ferret antics!

They will teach you more about yourself then you will teach them! – Yep, that’s right! You as a ferret owner will learn so much about yourself. This includes: how patient you are, how caring you are, how much of a sense of humour you have and a whole stack of other things! You might think you are the one doing the training but the truth ‘s the other way around! Ferrets will not only rule you heart but will also rule you!

By Laura