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Another Paradise That Is Called Paris – Things That You Must Be Aware Of

Paris is what many of us would pertained to as the most romantic city all around the world and in this city, you will not only fall in love with the sights you have to behold, you will also fall in love with the place as a whole, appreciating sheer beauty illuminating right before your very eyes. You can actually say that this is what made it to the top five entry of all the bucket list of the people around the world. As what many who have been to Paris would often say, it is a place where couples would want to explore on a weekend away, a girl would want to wander around on her own before she reached the age of forty, every family would want to create memories to and every girl squad would want to go for a bit of luxury, beginning from dusk to dawn.

What seems to be the problem when going to Paris is that there is so much choice which will often lead those, who will visiting the city, be confused on what they should do first or where to go first. This is the same scenario when you are going to pick up the menu from a double-Michelin starred restaurant in which you will have a hard time choosing thing by yourself, thus you will opt to other ask the waitress about their recommendation or choose for the chef’s special.

Of course, Paris would not be called Paradise if you will not be greeted by bunch of selections you will love. Not only that, Paris is a place where you can do so many things, see so many things, got soaked up and enjoy, while having a hard time narrowing down the essentials and still have an experience that is authentically Parisian.

Now, for the purpose of assisting you in making your decision, we will be providing in this site some of the best places in Paris that you must never miss to go, places that you may have already heard about and those that you will be encountering here for the first time, thus if you want to know more, view here for more.

When it comes to deciding what goes first on the list, we may find ourselves having a hard time doing so, but there is nothing that can mutter the word Paris without mentioning the Gardens of Luxembourg. The Laxembourg Gardens is known to be bordered by the Latin Quarter and the Saint-German des Paris as well, which has these awe-inspiring Jardins which every Parisians claim as their favorite place, not to mention as this is a place where they can take a walk with their best friend, lay under the sun, have fun doing spontaneous picnics and a whole lot more.

We want to introduce to you Louvre as another place you must go to since it is a place known for its glass pyramid, and a place as well for those who want to immerse in the culture, looking interestingly at artworks that are centuries worth like the Winged Victory, the Mona Lisa as well as the Venus de Milo.