A to Z About Ferret Diet

Ferrets are beautiful and active critters. Their diet plays a main role in their growth and this has prompted many pet food manufacturers to come up with food supplements for these creatures. The three main nutrients to be found in a diet of a ferret are protein, fibre and fats. There existed earlier a notion that kitten food can be used for ferrets too. But it has now been proven that it is in real harmful for the tiny creature. Natural food is given more preference than commercial food supplements.

Of late, a lot of natural food products for ferrets have started to enter the market and this is for sure a welcome sign. This is the exact reason for their increasing popularity.

You can search for any good distributor who can supply you with pre-kill which you can feed your animal. Frozen mice and chicks are the most commonly found food items for ferrets. They provide all the 3 essential nutrients to your pet.

Raw food is a great source of protein and fiber and hence you can include the same in the ferret diet. Raw vegetables and grains can be provided too apart from just raw meat.

The fat content for ferrets can be provided through poultry meats. Omega 3 and omega 6 are the most essential types of fat that help ferrets stay healthy.

You should feed eggs and salmon to your ferret so that it gets the required protein content. It is good to not feed too much of fish to a ferret as it may lead to a smelly litter box

Treats are not reserved just for us human beings, but also for animals. Hard boiled or scrambled eggs, bacon bits, frozen meats or liver pieces are some foods that a ferret would consider as a treat. However, you should never give anything sweet to these animals as it shortens their life span.

The rate of metabolism of a ferret is high and hence you should feed once every 3 to 4 hours. They should be properly nourished because they also burn fats very rapidly, being highly active.

By Laura