Adopting Ferrets in Pairs

If you have decided to adopt a ferret you may be asked to consider adopting a second one at the same time. So what do you need to consider when adopting ferrets in pairs?

The reason you may be asked to think about adopting in pairs is quite simple. Ferrets are social animals and very quickly form bonds with other ferrets. If bonded pairs are split up it has been known for one, or both, of them to go into a depression and in some cases they have been so distressed at the split that they have died. Rescue centers and associations will not willingly break up a bonded pair and in fact some will only allow you to adopt pairs.

Before agreeing to take on a pair of ferrets you need to think about the impact this may have on your life. Have you got the space, time and more importantly money to look after two or more? Whatever you need to provide for one you will need for the second.. They will both need to be looked after and fed. They will also incur their own vets fees for shots, check- ups and any medical mishaps that occur.

However, having a pair can also be incredibly rewarding, both for you and your fuzzies. They love to play together and will have hours of fun chasing and play fighting with each other. If you have adopted a bonded pair then they will also have already established which is the more dominant and you do not have to go through a long process of introducing them to each other.

If the ferrets have already been neutered you don’t have to worry about which sex your pairing is either. Males and females will happily live together and if they have been altered so much the better as not only will you avoid having to look after and rehome several babies, but if your female is spayed her health will be improved as there is no chance of her entering season which can be fatal if she is not mated.

By Laura