Albino Ferret – An Excellent Pet

Ferrets are very playful creatures and make for good household pets. A very common sight in a pet store is ferrets with a white coat, red eyes and pink noses. These creatures are very attractive and customers often get drawn towards them. These endearing animals are albino ferrets. They are the same as normal ferrets, just that they have a mutation that is responsible for their color, or rather lack of color.

Appearance & behavior

Most people are drawn to albinos because of their nature of their appearance and also because they are easier to spot in the dark. Other than the albinos with white-coats and red eyes, there are other variants too. Some of them have the white coat and black eyes which are preferred by people who don’t prefer the red-eyed ones. Another variant sports a cream to yellowish coat and has the normal red eyes. There is a general belief that this sub-specie is friendlier as compared to the other variety of ferrets. This is a misconception. There is absolutely no relation between their appearance and their behavior. All ferrets are playful and curious by nature. They sleep for most of the time and are possessed by a vigorous energy when awake; albinos are no different.

Health issues

Ferrets have been known to have problems with sight and hearing. This however is a problem, which is common in all ferrets and doesn’t have any relation to the coat color. Albinos, however, are more prone to illnesses as they age. They have a lot of health issues to be dealt with. As ferrets start aging, they have to be put on medications to prevent complications. Again, this has been shown to have no relation with the coat color and is common in all ferrets.

An albino is commonly found in many pet stores, as they are very popular. So if you decide to go for a pet that will not only make a good companion for you, but also with whom you can spend some time, then an albino ferret is a very good choice, not just for its nature but also for its looks.

By Laura