Before Deciding to Get a Ferret As a Pet

Ferrets can make ideal pets, and have become extremely popular. In the U.S., ferrets are the third most common house pet, after cats and dogs. A small pet are often suited to those that cannot have a cat or dog in view of allergies or space.

However, before rushing out to adopt a ferret, there is a variety of factors to consider. Firstly, if you have small children, a ferret in all probability is not the ideal pet to get. It is not that these animals might be a risk to the children – the concern is that a small child may be a danger.

In a similar way to most household pets, they will require food, water and toys, but a ferret is also in need of a suitable cage, as you will generally want to cage it for its own safety when no one else is at home. As ferrets tend to have so much energy, a small cage is not sufficient. It will be necessary to purchase a multi-level cage, this can cost anywhere from $135 to $225 or more.

A general check-up at the vets is typically beneficial twice a year, in addition to vaccinations once per year. These animals can be prone to certain injuries and illnesses – and might be in need of emergency services. Those veterinarian bills can soon begin to pile up, and you ought to be mindful of this. It can often be ideal to pick up a copy of one of the pet owners manual guides.

A pet of this nature will require a lot of attention and time. They are not appropriate for someone that is seldom home, or for someone that does not have the time or energy to play with them. They are very sociable and extremely energetic little creatures and like to be out of their cage. Without the necessary interaction from its owner, they will not be happy pets.

Ferrets can be like toddlers – in that they will get into anything. You ought to safe proof the home to make certain that it is secure. They will attempt to investigate everywhere, and aim to remove items to their hidey-holes. Similar to a child, they might swallow tiny objects, and household chemicals and other cleaners are of course dangerous to them.

A ferret is not like a dog or a cat. Although, can fit somewhere between the two when it amounts to loyalty and love. A ferret is not going to be as obedient as the family dog – and not as aloof as a cat. They often do their own things, and are content to include you once you show interest – and can ask that you include them also in the things you do.

By Laura