Buy a Ferret the Right Way

So you have decided to adopt a ferret into your family or you are seriously considering the possibility. You will find that they are excellent pets and will provide years of enjoyment if the proper care is taken. If you are this close to becoming a ferret owner then you probably already know they are members of the weasel family or more correctly the mustelid order and they are not rodents. They are considered an exotic pet and there are a few preparations that you should see to prior proceeding to buy a ferret.

The first act a prospective ferret owner should take is to determine if ferrets are legal in Their jurisdiction. Because they are considered to be exotic pets there are many local governments and even states that have enacted laws against ferret ownership altogether or created strict rules that discourage ownership so this should be investigated prior to any more action is taken to obtain a ferret. Veterinarians are a good source of information as to legalities of ferrets.

Once it is determined that ferrets are legal in your jurisdiction it is time to procure the equipment that your ferret will need. First and foremost the cage where your ferret will be living should be obtained. Ferrets are very active in the four hours per day when they are awake so the cage should be spacious enough to allow lots of room to play. It should be easy to clean with a hard plastic floor and it should be constructed so that it does not have any openings or spaces where the ferret my get stuck. Some cages are multi-level which will give them more room to play. A litter box is another necessary inclusion that will help in keeping the cage clean. The cage should also be equipped with a good water bottle even though ferrets prefer to drink water from a dish a water bottle will keep the cage cleaner.

Since they sleep up to twenty hours per day their bedding material is important. Just like humans they like comfortable beds that promote snuggling. The two most popular forms of ferret bedding are sleeping sacks or ferret hammocks. That’s right – hammocks. Ferrets like to sleep in hammocks not only because they are comfortable but they allow better cooling by allowing air to circulate around the ferret as they sleep. Sleep sacks are tubes of soft cloth that can be closed on one end or open ended. Both types of bedding should be cleaned frequently and they are available at most pet stores or on line.

The ferret diet is something else that must be provided. Ferrets are meat eaters and must have food that is high in protein and fat. It can be damp or dry. The dry is preferable because it is easier to handle and cleaner.

Now that you have accumulated all the necessary equipment and supplies you have to decide where to get your new pet. The best choice is a local breeder who can give you the history of the animal. If it is reputable breeder they will gladly provide all the information you will need to get your pet off to a healthy start. They are also available from pet stores and the internet but with these sources you have to be very careful that accurate historical information is available. It is advisable to use the internet only as a method of locating local breeders.

You are now ready to acquire your new pet. When you get your new ferret take good care of it and it will give you years of fun and enjoyment.

By Laura