Can Ferrets and Dogs Live Together?

Due to their natural predatory instincts, ferrets can sometimes kill your other smaller pets such as hamsters, mice, insects and birds. However, when placed in a disadvantageous situation with a larger animal such as a dog, ferrets can lose out due to their size. However, this is not to say that ferrets and dogs cannot coexist harmoniously. Both animals have friendly dispositions, and there is a high chance that they can live together peacefully. However, there are always exceptions to this theory.

The development of a mutual relationship between ferrets and dogs remains only as a possibility – it is not always definite. There have been situations where a dog welcomes a new ferret into your home, but whether he will bond with the ferret remains to be seen. Inviting a ferret into your home with a territorial dog hanging around can be really dangerous for your little buddy. As a responsible ferret owner, you need to take stringent measures as well as necessary precautions. Always be protective of your ferrets as they have a disadvantage in size against larger dogs.

It is important to evaluate and examine the possibility of your ferret and dog living together in the same house. While there are precedents of ferrets and dogs coexisting peacefully, it is not always the case. When you bring your ferret to a home occupied by dogs, be sure to supervise the pets at all times. Your pet dog must not pose a threat to your ferret.

It is important to note that while dogs are friendly by nature, they are also temperamental. There are some breeds of dogs that want to mark their territories in the house. These breeds of dogs can pose a menacing threat to your ferret, especially the terriers. These dogs are hunters and predatory by nature. Instinctively, they want to hunt down your ferret, so you need to exercise more vigilance in supervising your pets.

Some breeds of dogs are bigger in size compared to ordinary pet dogs. Bringing home a ferret to a huge dog will require you to make plans as the dog can unwittingly hurt your ferret while they are playing. Some dogs are territorial in nature, and they guard their spots with vigilance and determination.

Ferrets, being playful and inquisitive by nature, may want to explore these territories. The dog may view the ferret as intruding on its territory, and it views the small animal as a threat. The ferret will bite the dog in defense, and the dog will react violently. This causes a ruckus and stirs animosity amongst the two animals.

When letting your ferret roam freely around the house, it is good to consider locking your dog up in its cage. This way, you get to enjoy playing with your ferrets without having to worry about your dog threatening them. Additionally, it is important to separate your dog toys from the ferrets so as to protect them from possible attacks of the dogs. Ferret owners are also encouraged to come up with an escape route for the ferrets, one that they can use in the event of a dog attack.

By Laura