Choosing the Best Ferret Food

Are you thinking of bringing a ferret into the home but you don’t know what to feed them? Or, are you a long term ferret owner that wants to make sure you are getting it right?

What do ferrets eat?

If you’re thinking about getting a pet ferret for your family, you’ve probably visited your local grocery store or supermarket and drawn a blank. Rows and rows of different feeds for cats and dogs, but little or nothing in the way of ferret food.

If you’ve been a ferret owner for a while you may have cracked the first part of the ferret food puzzle, but knowing that you often have to find a good pet store to get ferret food is only part of the solution.

Ferret nutrition is a developing science, spurred on by the increasing popularity of ferrets. New pet food products may have a better understanding of the science but a few guiding principles should help you to make the right food choices. Here are some key tips.

1. Ferrets are carnivores. They don’t eat anything but meat in their natural diet, so you need to avoid feeding them anything that didn’t come from an animal.

2. Pet food is not ferret food. The kind of things you might feed a cat or dog may be totally unsuitable for a ferret. Why? The nutritional balance is going to be all wrong. Many foods that cats or dogs can digest will cause havoc to a ferret’s digestive system.

3. Check the label. You will need to find a food with high protein content and plenty of fats, without resorting to plant materials. Getting the right balance is vital.

4. Variety is the spice of life. While there are some interesting alternatives in the market most owners settle for a dry food heavy diet, though that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a bit. Just make sure it’s ferret safe.

What About Ferret Treats?

Better understanding about a ferret’s diet means no more unsuitable treats. You’ll want to get this right before your ferret develops bad habits. Cooked meat and hard-boiled eggs are good for a homemade treat.

You will need to pay close attention to the label when choosing commercially produced treats. Remember- if it doesn’t come from an animal, it’s no good. Some treats out there are great, while others leave a lot to be desired. Be a wise pet owner and get in the habit of checking out the details.

By Laura