Common Questions to Ask When You Are Ready to Buy a Ferret

Common Questions to Ask When You Are Ready to Buy a Ferret

There is no doubt that ferrets are one of the most playful pets you could ever have. They are highly active and very curious. If you have already decided to buy a ferret, here are some questions you should ask to yourself and afterward you will probably think of more:

Where would I place my ferret after I bring him home?

Ferrets need a cage where they will stay, play and sleep. Bear in mind that the cage you should get must be large enough to do all three of these things. Opting for a wire mesh cage would be the best choice as this type of material will provide ample ventilation. It is critical that the floor of the cage be solid so your ferret wouldn’t get his feet or legs caught between the wires and cause him much discomfort. You will also want to make sure the wire is of a thicker gauge to make it much more chew resistant. Although you may have a cage ready, do not go thinking that your ferrets would stay in there for the entire day. They will need to get out as much as they can.

Where would my ferret sleep?

The obvious answer is in his cage; however, when it comes to their “bedroom” they can be extremely choosy. His decision is based on how safe and secure he feels. This is why cage location in the house is very important to him and to you. Place his cage in an area of the house where it is quiet and free from outside distractions. To enhance his sleeping consider installing him a hammock or sleep sack. Ferrets are crazy for soft and cozy beddings. Your primary concern in choosing his bed should be to make sure the materials used to make it are tough enough to undergo the extreme torture he will put it through.

Do I know a lot about ferret play time?

Ferrets have an insatiable love for playing. So much so, that you will hear them shrieking while jumping and dancing around. These acts, peculiar as they may be, are very normal. Remember that ferrets love to involve their parents in their play so you better be ready to devote a good hour for play time with them every day. One sign that he is ready to play is that he will nip your hand to get your attention. Don’t be alarmed, it is just his way of communicating his wants to you. When it hurts, make him understand that he or she is hurting you by making a yelp or another kind of sound to let him know you are getting hurt. These are extremely smart animals; he will get what you are saying.

Like any other pets, ferrets need much attention, devotion, love and care. Shower them with all these and you’ll surely have a memorable life with your ferrets.

Oh yes, there are plenty of more questions you will ask yourself when you are going through this process and that is definitely a good thing. Get your answers then go get your fuzzy!