Dealing With Odors in Your Ferret Mansion

Your ferrets can produce oily secretions to be able to condition their coat and skin. Without a proper routine bath, this oil may contribute to your ferret’s strong smell. Bathing your pet regularly can help you minimize the odor; however, you should remember that this should not be overdone. Excessive bathing may cause your pet to have dry and itchy skin because too much oil is being removed. Aside from giving your ferret a regular bath, you should also maintain the cleanliness of your ferret mansion.

Another key to minimize the musky ferret odor is to maintain a clean living environment for your pet. Just like cats, ferrets are known to be clean by nature and they can also be litter trained. But as a ferret owner, you should be aware that their needs differ from what cats need. To accommodate your ferret properly, you have to make sure that you place a litter pan with a high back in your ferret mansion. As a ferret owner, you have to make sure that you clean out the litter pan in your ferret mansion to make sure that the odor is controlled. You also have to make sure that all hammocks and blankets are washed at least once every week to reduce oil and remove odor.

Daily Ferret Mansion Cleaning:

* Replace any soiled bedding and/or litter

* Get rid of all the wet spots or waste in your pet’s bedding litter

* Empty and wash your pet’s food bowl using lukewarm water and mild soap. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly before drying the bowl and putting it back to your ferret mansion and refilling it with food.

* Empty and wash your pet’s water bottle using lukewarm water and mild soap. You may also use a bottle brush to make the cleaning easier and make sure to rinse it very well before refilling it with fresh water.

Weekly Ferret Mansion Cleaning:

* Remove and replace all of your pet’s bedding and litter.

* Make sure to wash and disinfect the bottom of your pet’s mansion as well as the toys.

* Wash all accessories such as the dens, shelves and beds and make sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it well.

While you are cleaning the environment of your pet’s mansion, make sure to keep it in a small exercise pen so that the cleaning would be a lot easier. Keep your pet occupied by giving it toys or treats while cleaning the cage to make sure that it will not cause any trouble until you are done cleaning.

By Laura