Different Types of Ferret Litter

There are some ferrets that can be very particular when it comes to the ferret litter that is placed in their litter box. One of your ferrets might want to have wood pellets while another might prefer having recycled newspapers. What you need to know is that there are lots of different types of ferret litter available in the market, and so it will not be hard for you to provide each of your ferret’s preference. To know more about the different types of ferret litter that you can put in your pet’s litter box, here are some of the most commonly used ferret litter available. This can help you distinguish easily the different types of ferret litter depending on your ferret’s preference which can be any of the following:

Recycled newspaper pellets

o Non-allergenic

o Dust free

o Each piece of pellet is about A�” long and can absorb as much as 400% waste compared to litters made of clay

o Safe for ferrets who have delicate respiratory system

o This type is biodegradable so it can be incinerated, composted or mulched and can also be an excellent odor control.

Recycled wood fiber

o Free of any aromatic inks or oils and can be used as urine odor neutralizer.

o Can absorb up to 3 A� times its weight and is environmentally friendly

o Eliminates odor and maximizes odor control.

Natural wood pellets

o Made of 100% natural wood in a convenient pellet form.

o Maintains the cleanliness of litter boxes and cages and keeps them clean and smelling fresh.

o Can easily scoop out sawdust and solid waste.

Reclaimed wood fibers

o This type of litter is super soft and can be used as natural odor control.

o This too is environmentally safe and can be easily composted or mulched, and is safe to flush in small amounts.

Wheat litter

o Does not contain any silica dust, clay or any other chemicals and is fragrance-free.

o Biodegradable, non-toxic and is safe to flush.

o This litter can continually eliminate odor naturally.

Bentonite pearl litter

o This type is made from materials which are non-toxic and can inhibit bacteria which may cause waste odor.

o Can help reduce the cleaning of your pet’s cage of up to 30% or more.

With a wide variety of choices, you will surely find one that will best suit each of your ferrets liking so it will not be hard for you to provide them what they need when it comes to litters. You may try each of these in small quantities to determine which among these will be preferred by your ferret.

By Laura