Essential Information Before You Buy Ferret Cages and Other Ferret Stuff


Now that you know for sure your getting a ferret. At this point people always ask me what now Brandon. Now ferret food will need to be bought. It is important that you do not feed you ferret cat food. There are to many choices available of ferret food to buy. When you buy ferret food, you know it will have the nutrients your ferret will need. You could also make them food your self I will be adding a recipe or two eventually.


Personally, I don’t like to buy ferret cages I like to build them. My ferrets enjoy it when I make them stuff, to be honest they like it when my wife buys them stuff. This way I can customize it, make multi level, add tubing, trap doors and trick out their mansions. But not everyone likes to get out there and build it or just don’t have the time to do it in most cases. there is nothing wrong with buying one sometimes it is necessary. I bought my first four or five before I took the plunge. When you buy one take into consideration the room your ferrets will need to play. Remember a multi level ferret cage will take less floor space.


This is not rocket science; you will need to buy ferret toys. Now I did not say you had to spend a lot of money on toys. Dave’s (one of my ferret) favorite toy is a 20 oz Diet Pepsi bottle. When I come in that is the first thing he wants he (we) play with it for an hour or so. When he is done I say go for three and he throws it in the wastebasket. Another trick for cheap toys, when a toy gets we’ll say a little odor to it, don’t trash it wash it. After washing hang it up for a month or so and then give it back to them or hang it in the ferret cage as a new toy, they go nuts.


Okay, you will have many choices available to you when you buy ferret beds. This will depend on what your goals are for these. You have hammocks, slings, beds and sacks. I like to give my ferrets options so they have more nap areas then ferrets. They even make a “cool sack,” which is exactly what it sounds like. They have this octopus multi ferret bed that they love to play in. Multi ferret beds are great if youhave more then one ferret.


As you can see there are many choices you have for food and cat food shouldn’t be one. A ferret cage is a personal choice as well as dependent on how many ferrets you have and the space available in you home. Toys can be luxurious to a soda bottle its your choice, but make sure you have something. There are a wide variety of beds available that are dependent on your needs as well as your ferrets. I hope this helps you figure out what you get when you buy ferret supplies.

By Laura