Ferret As a Pet

Speak with any ferret owner and they will describe their pet as playful, loving, and friendly. Maybe even adventurous. This may be the reason why you have decided to adopt a ferret. You are definitely have the right idea, looking for these characteristics in your new lovable little pet. The next thing to consider is where will you go to find your new fuzzy little pet.

Adopt a ferret from a shelter? No doubt your intentions are good. And in a many ways it is a smart choice. Rescue a ferret who has already had a home. Another good thing is that the workers at the shelter will upfront in disclosing everything about your potential new fuzzy family member. They want nothing more than to see the ferret have wonderful lifelong home. There are usually variety of choices in ferret age and color, especially the in larger shelters.

But be aware, this adoption option is not right for every person. Be mindful that not every ferret in a shelter was brought there simply due to lack of room in the home or not enough money to purchase food. Consider the fact that some of these cute fuzzy creatures may have been mistreated or neglected and may need lots of special attention and some extra patience. They may also be scared of humans, with good reason. Not only would you have to get the ferret used to your household, but you will have to convince them that they are safe and loved and will not get hurt there. Many of these fuzzy creatures will also have some health issues, such as medications or a special diet. If you are sure that you have the time and energy needed to care for the them, then they will be one lucky little ferret.

Having said all of that, you can still find a ferret who was not neglected or abused at a shelter. You just need to ask all the appropriate questions, to get the information necessary to make your best decision. Adopting from a shelter is a ‘transparent” transaction. What this means is that the people who work in and maintain the shelter are doing it because they are driven by a true love of animals, not money. The money is purely secondary. In fact, it is only a necessary evil in some of their eyes to keep the establishment running. The shelter is created for the purpose of finding good homes for the animals.

Pet shops are a popular choice for first time owners, because they may not know any other place to look for their new pet. If you decide to go to a pet shop, make sure that you get a health guarantee. Also be sure to look in your local classified ads, this is a great alternative. But do not limit yourself to just the local newspaper classified ads. Check out the public bulletin boards at your local veterinary clinics. Ferrets adopted in this manner are usually older. Although, when you adopt a ferret from the previous owner, they will be able to give you information about the ferrets health and personality! Many times, not only will you get a adorable playful pet, but you will often get a load of supplies, toys and maybe even a home for the fuzzy!

By Laura