Ferret Care Explained

The time required for caring for a ferret should be considered before acquiring them. Ferrets have roots in the mustelid family and are considered as exotic animals. This means that as soon as they reach adulthood they would certainly exude some odor. De-scenting and spraying your ferret would be a better option if you are not breeding them. If you have two or more ferrets, you better care for them to ensure not to have a litter born and odor de-scenting is preferred. Ferrets also need vaccinations and regular health check up, so it is better to bring your newly purchased pet to the vet regularly.

Maintaining a balanced diet is a must for ferrets, cat foods and ferret foods of your choice can now be purchased in some pet stores near you. In choosing their food, you must guarantee that it contains at least 25% fat and 35% protein no matter what brand it is. Ferrets require higher fat levels compare to felines. A better blend of essential fatty acids and balanced fats such as poultry fat are better for ferrets. Fresh water must always be offered to your ferret. Ferrets drink more water from bowls than bottles. But if you are unable to maintain fresh water in the water bowl then using a bottle is the option left.

Always provide safe housing for your ferret. Think about a cage that is roomy, safe and easy to clean. It is important to consider the spacing of the cage. Once the ferret pushes its head through any part of the cage, definitely it is in danger. A cage where there is a possibility of getting the feet of your pet trapped is not an ideal cage. Ferrets like to play and run around the cage. If you don’t want to get your ferrets harmed then place them in a proper cage. Ferrets love to seclude themselves in dark padded places; they usually sleep 15 to 20 hours a day. And for both play and sleep, hammocks and sleeping sacks are preferred to use. Moreover, for your ferrets’ comfort – nice, quiet and private place to sleep – try placing a sheet over one part of their cage.

Since, ferrets love to chew on things, leaving something within their reach can be a risk for them. Always check your ferret’s cage for anything that is becoming damaged. Just in case your ferret swallows the wrong thing, your ferret will be in grave danger – it can cause obstruction in the intestines and will need to be surgically removed.

Ferrets are sociable. A thirty day old ferret should be introduced to humans. You should allow your ferrets a supervised playtime outside the cage or in a ferret’s proof room for at least twice a day. You must not leave your ferrets unattended outside the cage. Your ferrets are susceptible to getting hurt. Handling them regularly can benefit their training. This can assist your ferrets to interact with you. Ferrets are fond of cuddling and it is quite lovely when they do it with you. Ferrets can be trained easily. In training, the sooner you introduce them to a litter box the sooner you succeed. Ferrets are cool and loving pets, keep in mind that the more often you interact and care for them the more chances it is of living their life to the fullest.

By Laura