Ferret Care – The In’s and Outs of Caring for Your Pet

Are you thinking about owning your first ferret? Do you not know how to care for your baby so that it will turn out just the way you want? Maybe your looking at ferret cages and don’t know what to buy. Well take a few minutes and give this article a quick read. I promise to give you some great ferret care tips.


When buying your ferret a cage, the quality is a very big factor. One time i was at a flee market, a man said to me “good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good”. Well that applies the same to the quality of cages you can buy. I personally have a multi-layer cage with lots of tubes and bridges. There should also be a litter on the bottom floor where your ferret can use the bathroom. If you can’t afford a multi-layer cage (and they can be quite expensive) I suggest you get an “ultra cage” or larger cage to suit your ferrets needs.


Feeding your baby is what’s going to determine its well-being and eventual life span. So you need to make sure that you are feeding your ferret the right things right from the start. You can buy quality foods made for ferrets at any pet shop or breeders shop. Some people use cat food to feed their ferrets but, cat food is generally high in fish, and ferrets don’t digest fish very well. Whatever you end up feeding your baby, just make sure that it is mainly protein and fats, and low in carbohydrates.

Love and affection

Getting your ferret to love you is much like with any pet; if you put the time and love in, they will respond with love and affection. Make sure to play with your ferret every single day. Some of my favorite games to play are “peek-a-boo”, hide and go seek, and follow the leader. With some ferrets it is very easy to get their affection and takes only a few weeks. However, with others, it can take months and even years. Just make sure to always love your baby’s and give them the proper care they need.

By Laura