Ferret Fun

The ever frisky fur ball that we know as the ferret, really does like to have fun, it is their life long ambition to pack as much of it as possible into their lives. We know they sleep a lot and that is fine we all need our rest, but when you see the energy they can use up when they are awake, then it becomes clear why they need so much sleep.

These little fur balls will play with anything, yes they love toys, so it is a great idea to get them some, they will definitely make use of them. Most cat toys are suitable for these little guys and they can never have to many toys, in or out of their little home we call a cage, they will make great use of all toys at their disposal, including things that were not meant to be their toys.

Yes this it not all these little guys will play with, they are interested in anything and that means everything they can get to in your home. When they are out of their cage and playing wildly, they will try out all they can see and reach. So if you have things that you do not want to be touched or damaged by your ferret or going missing then you had better hide them yourself, because that is what your fuzzy will do. They love to claim things as their own and they will stash those things where ever they think it will be safe. This means that the odd sock may go missing or even your car keys, so do not make the mistake of under estimated what these little guys can move and hide.

But with that said as long as you remember to put important things out of sight of your little furry friend, then you can have some great times while they are having their exercise out of their little homes. Ferrets like to explore and they loves to get into things or under things, so one great piece of play equipment they do love and will make use of is a tunnel. The tubing from dryers or some old legs of jeans cut off and sewn together will provide them with endless fun, there are even products on the market designed around these little guys love of exploring, you can buy a whole network of connecting tunnels.

If you have two of these fur balls, then you are in for a double dose of fun and games. It may seem that you will have twice the work involved if you have two, but it can be easier to have two than just one, as they are company for each other when in their home, they can also snuggle up together when they sleep and when it comes to play time, they have a mate to go mad with, so do not rule out keeping more than one ferret.

Just remember these little guys are easy to look after as long as you understand their nature, they are not out to make your life harder, they want you to enjoy yourself as they do, so put away things that you do not want to go missing or get damaged and then just enjoy the play time with your little fuzzy friend or friends.

By Laura