Ferret Hammock Laziness and Why You Should Indulge It

If you’re new to ferrets, you may be surprised to hear that there is such a thing as a ferret hammock. That’s right, a ferret hammock! Actually, the reality is that ferrets sleep a lot. In fact, they may sleep as much as 20 hours a day! As if that’s not enough, even when they are awake, they like to hide and hang out in cozy little dark places.

That’s probably enough to help you see why they might like a nice little ferret hammock. However, there’s actually a bit of a scientific basis for this. These creatures actually regulate their body temperature while they sleep. Just think of it in terms of how we use more or fewer blankets depending on our environment. We can make these adjustments with ease. However, ferrets are helped in this process when they have different little places to hang out and rest. If they have options, then they can choose what suits them at any given time.

By considering different options, such as the ferret hammock, you’ll help optimize their living environment and ensure that they live a long, happy life. So, let’s cover some of the more common options you can select from. One is called the sleep sack. Some people might call this a nap sack. It’s a nice little piece that lets the ferret sneak away and get extra warm when need be. The sleep sack just sits at the bottom of the cage. You can find them with either one or both ends open. When they crawl inside, they are completely surrounded, just like you are when you burrow down in a sleeping bag. If you poke around, or shop online, you can even find a more modern version of the sleep sack. This kind is made real well, and it’s designed to be used as a toy as well.

After the basic sleep sack, the next big item to consider is my personal favorite. The ferret hammock is very popular. The ferret hammock is, as you would expect, suspended in the air. This gives them that added sense of levitating that we all enjoy. The hammock has a crevice that they crawl into and they are then nestled inside. The ferret hammock will cradle them, but yet they will have the open space above them. This is a better option than the sleep sack when they don’t need to be quite so warm.

The ferret hammock will provide some fun benefits for you as well. They come in a wide assortment of designs and colors, so you can let your personality show forth. Will you like the fleece variety that has a liner inside? Or will you pick the one with the peculiar shape? In particular, what about the giant group hammocks? These are a riot, as they are set up to hold a few of these guys at once. Seeing as they like to snuggle anyway, this just provides the perfect opportunity for such. In any event, note that you’ll want to consider that there are flat ferret hammocks, as well as some shaped like a boot. I’ve even see one with a zipper.

Based on what I’ve known and seen, I really feel you cannot go wrong with a ferret hammock. They are not terribly expensive and they get a lot of use. They sleep in them, play in them, and you can even catch quite the perfect picture, especially if you have a group hammock. The one tip I would recommend is that you make sure the one you buy is machine washable. If you get one that is made well, it will be worth it. If it starts to come apart, then you’ll need to replace it. It could become unsafe otherwise.

By Laura