Ferret Hammock Tips You Must Know

Some people probably think purchasing a ferret hammock is a ridiculous idea, however, these people have not learned enough about their ferrets to understand otherwise. Adult ferrets need a lot of sleep, at times they can sleep for as many as 20 hours in a day. This happens to be part of their normal habits, but like humans they prefer being comfortable. Just like we use various kinds of blankets depending on the temperature the ferrets enjoy doing the same thing. Now this is not some new fangled idea of being in touch on what your pet need, it is just a simple recorded observation. Ferrets enjoy hiding and sleeping in soft, comfortable, and dark places like the ferret hammock can help provide. The ferret’s health can be negatively affected if it doesn’t get the right amount of sleep. When purchasing your pet you want it to have a healthy life, so there are certain things you should provide for it for proper care.

When searching out a proper ferret bed a special sleep sack can do the trick. These are basically sleeping bags sized for ferrets which lay on the cage floors. These normally only have one open end but some have both ends open. The ferret when it uses these is positioned in a dark, warm, comfortable, and confined place which helps them feel completely at home. Some models of these even are made from crinkly materials incorporated with other materials, but for the most part these are more for the animals to have fun with.

Another choice you can choose is the ferret hammock. Yes this is similar to what the human hammocks are, just sized for a ferret and enclosed. The ferret hammock is the hung in mid air attached to two different point in the cage and your ferret feels quite secure in it. Ferrets can become overheated sometimes and with the ferret hammocks being suspended they stay cooler. This permits the ferret to get some sleep comfortably with keeping their body from getting too warm. There are different sizes and shapes of these hammocks for sale that you can buy your pet and there are ones that will hold multiple ferrets at one time. Ferrets are by nature social sleepers, this means they love to lay with other ferrets as they rest. The hammock gives them more room to do their sleeping in because it is made from stretchy material and there are those models that come with steps. These help the ferret not fall. Some of these hammocks contain zippers to make the opening larger and they can be made from different materials for you to select from.

One extremely important point you need to check on is if the hammock or the sleep sack you are thinking about purchasing is machine washable. You need to do this to give your ferret a clean environment and prevent diseases from being spread. You need to make sure that either is made from a fabric with a tight weave for durability. If the sleeping aid shows signs of wear it should be replaced promptly. Many of the hammocks have extra hardware with them, if yours did not check the old hardware to make sure it is still safe to use.

A ferret hammock is a nice way to provide your ferret a nice place to rest and therefore stay healthy. It keeps unnecessary pressure off of the ferret’s body, which in turn also permits it to sleep in the position that is more natural for it. The hammocks also provide them added space to relax or play in. consult with a pet shop or your veterinarian if you need more help in knowing how to accessorize your ferret’s cage.

By Laura