Ferret Hammocks – Are Ferrets Beach Bums?

You would probably notice that the ferret is a kind of creature that plays around very actively, but it also loves sleeping and resting. In fact, it can sleep for a maximum of 18 hours to 20 hours in a day. They actually sleep better in shaded or dark places. So when you are arranging the cage and bedding, make sure you keep this in mind. Just like how we use warm blankets during cool season and lighter blankets during the warm season, the ferrets also need comfortable bedding in such seasons. The way they sleep and rest in a day will greatly affect their health and life, giving them a comfortable place of sleep will ensure their good condition for a longer period of time.

When it comes to bedding, one of the common selections is the sleep or nap sack. It can give comfort and warmth to the little ferrets, especially during those cold nights. The nap sack lies on the ground part of the cage. It has one or two openings where the ferrets can climb at anytime they want to rest. This nap sack is their sleeping bag and a piece of comfort for their rest time. Just make sure that the sack is not crooked as the crooked ones are for playing.

Another choice for bedding is the hammock. This is what ferret owners usually use for their ferrets because of its structure and design. It is usually suspended or hung in the cage. It looks like a bag or pocket with an opening that allows the air to circulate for the ferrets. This will also allow them to have cooler space, especially when the temperature is high. The ferret hammocks come in different style and shapes for the different needs of your little ferrets. If you have them in multiple numbers, a large ferret hammock is the best one, so they can sleep together and snuggle each other when sleeping. Some hammocks are flat; some are boot-shaped, while some are adjustable. This hammock is also a nice way for the ferrets to climb up on the cage, to avoid them from falling and getting hurt.

Whatever your choice is, the nap sack or the ferret hammock, for your ferrets, you should always consider the way it is washed. The cage, including their nap sack or hammock, should be washed regularly to avoid them from being infected of any disease-causing germs. It is important that good hygiene is given attention to ensure the healthy condition of your ferrets. The nap sack, the bedding, and the ferret hammock tends to wear out over time, so make sure you replace them with new ones for the safety of your ferrets.

The ferret hammock is a good choice for your ferrets. They will get sure comfort and a nice place to sleep; their sleeping position inside the hammock will keep them snuggled together for longer and peaceful time of rest. With ferret hammock, they can have a place for sleeping that is very much different from their place of playing.

By Laura