Ferret Insight – Living Outside

Hey guys, today I thought I would give you a quick insight into the world of ferrets, specifically in the UK.

In the UK we have very few followers of ferrets when compared to the likes of America, there is a huge following of ferrets in America and I love that.

In the UK we also tend to keep our ferrets out side for longer periods of time, in either hutches, outdoor enclosures or my preferred method in a very large shed. The best part about keeping them in a shed is that they can be active at any time of the day that they wish to be. We do bring our ferrets inside to play with them, and take them for walks, but generally they are kept outside.

I would actually prefer to keep my ferrets inside but it is so frowned upon that it would be very difficult with the amount of guests we have.

One thing to remember when keeping the ferrets outside is to make sure they have enough ventilation, it is a fine line between enough ventilation and being too cold, what I tend to do is create a frame around the perspex glass window on the shed, cover this with wire mesh so the ferrets can see out, and then have a blocked out frame which can be lifted in place to cover the wire mesh when it gets cold.

I also like to make sure inside the shed the ferrets have something nice to snuggle into and keep them cosy, almost like a cage but inside the shed.

One really important thing for the shed is to remember to keep it as clean as possible, it should be so clean because of the ventilation problem which can occur.

Try to keep your ferrets entertained as much as possible when they are outside, they do love human companionship and being outside means they naturally receive less, but when you do see them, make sure you see the for as long as possible and like we do take them for walks outside, or around the garden.

I really do love ferrets and I would want them to stay inside, but these are rescue ferrets so some of them do have their problems, keeping them outside provides them with an excellent life which they would not get if they lived some where else.

I hope you have all enjoyed this little article on ferrets in the UK ad living outdoors.

By Laura