Ferret No Vegetarian Diet – No Sissy Food Here

Ferret No Vegetarian Diet – No Sissy Food Here

A ferret’s digestive system is built to only digest certain types of foods. With a quick turnaround time from eating to litter box, their bodies need to absorb nutrients fairly fast and eating a diet of fat and protein does this. On the other side of the coin, vegetables and grains are out.

Ferrets sleep on an average of 15 hours a day, but they do wake up and eat multiple times a day, meaning that there should be fresh food and water at their disposal 24/7.

And since ferrets are born meat eaters – a high protein, high fat, guideline must be followed for a healthy physical and mental state. I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this will not be so into feeding your ferret live rodents, so I’m going to discuss food in the form of the dry pellet type. Nowadays, ferret food is widely available online and in pet stores. If you do not have access to ferret food, then a high-quality cat food can substitute. But you should look closely at the labels for this proteins and fats. A good ratio consists of:

– 30% Protein – 20% Fat

The protein should come from meat. Chicken, lamb, eggs are good choices. Watch out for vegetable based proteins, you don’t want this because ferrets have a tough time digesting this. Things like corn, soy, rice etc.

You don’t want to raise a wimpy finicky eater, so you should introduce your ferret to new types of foods at an early age. Slowly mix, different brands together. Try out new combinations of cat food, ferret food, dry and moist food, just as long as you stick to the guidelines above. This will make life easier for you in the future.

If you’re providing your ferret with a healthy diet and exercise, he shouldn’t be obese. Even with multiple naps and feedings a day, a ferrets lightning metabolism keeps their weight down. An adult will usually eat about a half a cup of food a day. If your ferret is still getting fat, have a veterinarian check him out. There might be some other underlying issues.

I’m against giving your ferret snacks, but I don’t practice it. It’s hard not too! But don’t let your ferret get in the habit of begging for tasty foods. If you follow the nutritional advice above, then a ferret will have more than enough vitamins and calories to sustain a very healthy life. Other than specialized ferret treats, there are too many dangerous foods out there for ferrets. Fruits and veggies might seem ok, but they’re really not. Candy and sodas are also bad. I actually do treat my ferret to these foods once in awhile but most people do it with no control.

If your ferret is new, you can use food to help you gain his trust. Feed him by hand little by little each day. Let him hear your voice and pet him more and more until you can carry him. Be patient and it will pay off.