Ferret Stimulating Environment

Ferrets are beautiful creatures and can make exceptional pets. They are highly intelligent, active, social, curious, cuddly, cute, playful, and very much trainable. They are extremely capable of adapting to human companionship especially if they were raised in close human contacts since infancy. However, ferrets intelligence may depend on the mental stimulation you give it each day. Simply loading your ferret’s cage or play area with toys and accessories will do little to suit its playful nature. Since ferrets are curious and often in hyper mode, they will want to explore almost everything and everywhere they can get to -with great speed. They run and hop around at incredible speed bursts that it is often hard to catch them.

Ferrets are by nature active and will prefer to play rather than be cuddled. They are very active during early mornings as well as late evenings. As a ferret owner, you will need to give your ferret a safe yet stimulating environment. Your ferret will quickly get bored if its play things are not chosen carefully. Ferret owners often make the mistake of choosing a toy that they like as opposed to what a ferret would like. Each ferret has a unique personality. There are some that enjoys playing and others like taking naps. Before choosing a toy for your pet ferret, it is ideal to monitor your pet ferret’s interaction with her toys.

Ferrets love to tunnel and burrow and they can easily fit into small places. This is their instinct. You can satisfy your ferret’s instinct by using a soft blanket. You will find that your ferret will love wiggling around inside and will dig and burrow in it. You can also satisfy them by hiding their toys around. If you find that your ferret will prefer a toy or activity over another, it does not mean that this would dictate her recreation. It is important for you to choose a variety of toys, accessories, and activities for your pet. Simply give her a variety of things that caters to her personality.

It is always important to keep your pet ferret interested. You can do this by moderating the amounts of toys that are in its ferret-proofed play area. Having many toys will at first excite your ferret but will soon tire of them. It is ideal to choose and place few toys at a time as this allows your pet ferret to enjoy each toy without the feeling of being crowded by a plethora of toys. You can also rotate toys amongst each other several times a month. This will make your pet familiar with the toy, at the same time, not lose interest in them. Another way of keeping your pet ferret interested is by rearranging the cage often. Rearranging and changing the orientation of the cage as well as the toys and accessories will make your ferret feel like it is in another cage. It will trigger its curiosity making it want to explore its surroundings more.

By Laura