Ferret Tips – Which Toys Are Safe For Your Baby Ferret

Having a baby ferret playing with toys is like having a toddler around the house. You have to be very careful that the toys do not have parts and pieces small enough the ferret can swallow. As a ferret parent, it is your responsibility to check the toys occasionally, just as you would for your children. If you find any toys that seem unsafe, simply throw them away. Don’t worry, you are not being wasteful. You may, indeed, be saving the life of your ferret by doing this!

If as you browse through the pet shop you find very few toys marked specifically for ferret play, I’m not surprised. Many a ferret owner improvises when it comes to this area. Actually, just about any toys marked as being safe for cats are perfect for your ferret too, believe it or not!


Of course! By all means buy a couple of baby rattles for your “baby ferret” to walk around with. She will love it! And they look so cute carrying these things around! And while you are buying supplies along these lines, be sure to pick up several soft cloth bags. Your ferret will not only enjoy a fun game of hide-and-seek (either with you or her cage mate) or she will enjoy a relaxing rest in the bag sleeping!

Think about this. Give your ferret a tent or a small house. It will be great for her to play in, but it will also provide her with a valued piece of privacy for resting and relaxing.

Here are just a few ideas for some other toys you can have waiting for your ferret when she makes that grand entrance into your home!

Balls, balls, balls.

You can never have too many plastic balls, as far as a ferret is concerned. And if the balls make noise, even better. Jingle bells in balls and other noisemakers are welcome addition that keep a ferret mesmerized for long periods of time. When you buy various balls, switch it up a bit. Certainly the hard plastic variety are welcome, but do not ignore the softer balls, often made of fleece these days. This gives your pet something to carry around easily with her. Manufacturers do make balls specifically for ferrets though. These are usually a larger than your typical cat balls, quite a bit larger actually. And they have some holes in them. That is so they can climb in and out of them! Yes, sounds like fun for even us!

And just like cats, ferrets love to play in paper bags and boxes. So don’t be shy about stocking up on these as well. And do not forget to include some tubes specifically designed for ferret play. You will love how they clamor all over these tubes and travel at what seems like lightning speed through them. You will have just as great time watching them as they do playing with the tubes.

While choosing the toys you are going to purchase now you are ahead of the game when you bring your ferret home, here are some toys to absolutely avoid. You do not want to buy any toys composed of soft rubber or latex. You see these materials in many toys manufactured specifically for dogs. These toys are just far too easy for ferrets to chew up and accidentally swallow. But just one word of caution. No matter how many toys you buy your new little friend, always be prepared for him to check out what you are using “as a toy.” If it is good enough for you, she thinks, then it is undoubtedly something she would find fascinating.

By Laura