Ferret Training – How to Do it Right

Ferret training can be very easy and enjoyable. Ferrets are very intelligent pets, therefore they can be trained to do a lot of things including cool tricks such is: jump to your hand, roll over, and run to you within one single whistle and many more!

The best way to ferret training is by rewards and not by punishes. When you reward your ferret he learns what you expect him to do in a positive way. If you will shout at him or even hit him you will not train it professionally and won’t see results. Ferret training is also means that you need to think like a ferret. For example in the wild nature ferrets bites and scratches as apart of their survival skills, the baby ferret plays like that from a very young age. If your ferret is misbehave, than its must be because he is afraid and you need to gain his trust slowly and with patience.

When it’s come to ferret training the best rewards you can give your ferret are food, but please keep in mind that it has to be in small amounts. The reason why you need to reward the ferret is because ferrets don’t do tricks just for their own fun or to make others happy; they do it for the rewards. (On the contrary – when you train a dog to play he does it just for the fun and joy).

A lovely ferret trick is to make him run to you when you do a special noise – let’s say whistle. In order to get this trick done you simply need to whistle every time you give him food. First time whistle very close to him when you hold the food in front of him, On the next meal whistle again but a little far for him, and in the next lunch be less close to him. If you do it right for a week or more, than on the next time you whistle and your lovely ferret won’t even know where you are, he will try to search all around to reach you.

By Laura