Ferret Training Tip – Repetition Key to Ferret Litter Training

Ferret Training Tip – Repetition Key to Ferret Litter Training

Training your ferret to use a litter box is very similar to how we learned to recite the alphabet. Repetition, reward and repeat were the three “R”s that went into this specialty training and those same three letters are key when you plan to train ferret to listen to your commands and follow instruction.

By nature, ferrets are very active and very curious animals. They can’t stay still and they truly love to explore and venture. Getting them to stay still long enough for you to teach them tricks is a trick in itself. But don’t despair, there are ways you can learn how to train a ferret and get him to do what you want.

First off, training your ferret is something that needs to be done almost every day until they finally start getting the message. The first thing that people wish to do is “ferret litter training”. This is important, as it will teach this little animal to use the litter box and save your run from sure destruction. By keeping a litter box in their cage and at least one is a small room, they will start to grasp the idea of what purpose that box serves. When they use the box, it is up to you to make a fuss and reward them immediately. Having them associate their action in the litter box to receiving a treat from you instills value to them to use the box instead of your hardwood floors.

Start with small areas and gradually work your way to larger ones. Don’t expect the ferret to train using the litter box in their cage and immediately be responsible enough to use a litter box located in one area of your apartment. You need to work to this point.

When I first brought my ferret home, I was mistaken in thinking that as soon as they learn to use the litter box in the cage, they were safe to roam my apartment on their own. This was a lesson I learned right away. Don’t forget to reward your ferret every time he uses the box as rewarding them a treat is one of the best ways to ensure that he will get the message.

It is very important to understand that training a ferret takes a little time a great deal of patience, but if done correctly and repeated religiously, your animal will succeed in seeing things and learning things your way.