Ferret Treats That You Can Easily Find at Home

Ferret treats are great for ferrets who especially just love them, they should however be given in moderation. Ideally ferret treats should comprise of only 5% or less of your ferrets total diet. Although you might find it very tempting at times to treat your ferrets a bit more than normal, it is best to resist the temptation.

Ferrets have basic nutritional needs that are imperative to follow for their overall well being. Basically they need a high protein diet that is also high in fats, low in fiber which is washed down with a lot of water. Vegetables, fruits grains / cereals are food stuff that you should avoid giving your ferret, this is because they do not digest it well. You can also add poultry products in their nutritional ferret treats, since poultry digests well; the next best is fish and lamb, while beef is not very well digested.

There are other treats that you could include however like humans ferrets too have their own preferences. Some like crackers while some would prefer mushrooms, the list is endless. Ferret treats that are rich in vitamins are excellent for your ferrets. This will not only keep them happy but will also give them the much needed vitamin in the form of supplements. For e.g. Magic Ferret Oil is one such treat that is filled with essential fatty acids that are much required by ferrets. Other vitamin filled treats are kittymalt, petromalt or lexatone. Although these treats are filled with essential vitamins you should not try and over feed your ferret. This could cause serious problems like diarrhea or Vitamin A toxicity.

Some excellent ferret treats are the ones you make from meat sources, these are high in protein contents and low in fiber and hence serve their purpose. Your ferret will surely enjoy these nutritional treats that also mimic their daily dietary requirements. Some great ferret treats are Marshall’s Bandits that are flavored with chicken, while others like Totally Ferret Treats are also an excellent choice. These kinds of treats are rich in protein and meat content, low on sugars, grains and fibers.

Most ferret treats can be found in your kitchen. Tit bits from their previous meals are an excellent option, for e.g. giving them small pieces of roast meats, fish or any poultry products also work excellently as treats for your ferrets. Make sure that none of these treats contain preservatives. You can also treat your ferrets with small minimal quantities of fruits, vegetables as well as cereal products. You will need to ensure that you don’t fill them up with these treats. Some ferrets enjoy bananas, apples, peaches, grapes, bell peppers, raw onions, eggplant as well as tomato skins.

A few ferret treats that you need to avoid are chocolates as well as other treats that are loaded with sugars. These will not serve any purpose and another dilemma is that you will have to ensure regular dental care. It is best that you avoid these treats as much as possible.

By Laura