Ferret Tunnel and Crumpled Papers for Your Pet

Ferret tunnel and crumpled papers for your pet? Ferrets are known as very playful little creatures, but most people fail to realize that they do need time to play for them to stay healthy and that owners cannot keep them on cages all the time. As ferret owner, you have to let them go out of their cages for at least 2 to 3 hours per day for them to be able to exercise by means of playing games. This is the reason why there are several factors that you should first consider before deciding to adopt or keep a ferret as pet.

You should remember that a bored ferret is also considered as an unhappy pet so you have to make sure that you can provide it with various types of toys for it to play with and enjoy. Ferrets are very simple pets and ordinary toys can already please them so you do not really have to break your bank. When choosing ferret toys, such as a ferret tunnel, make sure that it is suitable and durable. This means you have to consider the size of your pet when choosing toys for it. Also, you should not forget considering your pet’s sharp teeth as they might chew on the toys and if they happen to swallow it, this may cause blockage in their intestine which can then result to a problem.

If you do not want to spend on toys, then you might want to create your own set of toys for your pet. A ferret tunnel can be a great toy for your pet and they will surely enjoy having one. When making a ferret tunnel, you have to make sure that your pet will fit inside it and that it has a way to move around. Make sure that the piping in your ferret tunnel has a diameter of at least 4 inches so that your pet will not get stuck inside it while playing. Using PVC in your ferret tunnel can also be a great idea as this material is known for its durability. Using PVC can assure you that there is no way for your pet to chew it and you would not need to worry about your pet’s safety as well.

Aside from a ferret tunnel, crumpled pieces of papers can be a good toy for your ferret too. This type of toy can give your pet lots of fun as well. But of course, you have to pay attention to your pet’s behavior while playing with this, because unlike the ferret tunnel, crumpled pieces of papers can easily be eaten by your pet so make sure to clean it up after your pet is done playing.

By Laura