Ferrets and Their Beds

We all love our sleep and we all want to be comfortable and warm when we are sleeping, this is no different for ferrets, they sleep a lot more than we do, so comfort and warmth are important. It is understandable that our little fuzzy friends should have the right bedding as they sleep for around seventy to seventy five percent of the time.

There are many things that we can use as bedding for our fuzzy, from old shirts or towels to specially designed and manufactured sleep sacks. Whatever you use, it should be clean and soft. The little guys like to burrow into their beds and will only sleep well if they are comfortable, so if your little fuzzy sleeps well then you know you have got their sleeping arrangement right.

If you have more than one fuzzy and they have their own sleep sacks, you may find that they both get into one and sleep together, this is quite normal as they like to snuggle up together for warmth and security. These little guys can also hide food and toys in their bedding, so you will need to check it and remove and clean it on a regular basis, they can also damage it through chewing, so keep this in mind when buying any thing to expensive. It is sometimes easier to use old towels or fleeces as these can be washed easy and replaced with other old clothing if damaged.

Another type of sleep or rest haven for your fuzzy is a hammock, these are great and ferrets seem to love them. There are different types of designs and you can even get wide hammocks that can accommodate more than one fuzzy, which is something to think about if you have more than one fuzzy as if they have one each, again they may well try to fit on one together, so it might be better to get the wider version. You can get these hammocks from pet stores or on eBay, you can even make your own.

I have seen a variety of items used successfully for the fuzzy to snuggle up into, a cushion or pillow with the zip removed makes a great place for one or more to snuggle up in and an old bag made from material lined with fleece also makes a great bed. You can make these yourself with some fleece and a little sewing.

What ever you decide for your fuzzy to sleep in, you can have fun buying or making different types, they will love the variety and they will be happy too. The main thing to remember is that you need to provide something that will be comfortable, warm and give them a feeling of security, they will need something that they can burrow into and snuggle.

By Laura