Ferrets Care 101 – Three Steps to Groom Your Furry Pet

I don’t know about you, but part of the joy of having a pet is having other people praise and say how cute your pet is. It sounds funny but yes, hearing “he’s s cute” or “you have the most adorable (insert pet type here)!” comments from other people is really touching.

But as someone who has been taking care of ferrets for many, many years, actually grooming your pets and making sure they’ll look as attractive as possible is a whole other thing.

A ferret is quite easy to clean or groom. Which is actually better for you because, believe it or not, there aint a lot of professional groomers out there who offer this service. But don’t worry, with these five easy steps, you’ll have a furry pet that’s sure to get a lot of “aww” and “cute” comments.

1. Ears come first.

Your ferrets ears are the hardest parts to clean so you should master this one first before anything else. If you are a beginner in ferret care, you would need an assistant. Ask him to gently take one of your ferrets hands and grasp it around the shoulders and forelegs. In his other hand, he’ll be holding some type of small treat. He’ll use this to distract your fuzzy pal why the actual ear-cleaning procedure is occurring.

Clean his ears with a cotton tip swab dipped in a solution specifically made for ferrets (or kittens). Start with the outer area of his ear and carefully work your way into the canal. Remember not to go deep, alright. And also remember to clean the “little pocket” at the back of his ear.

2. Trim the Nails.

I bet that one of the first things you thought of when I mentioned “grooming” is how to trim your pet’s nails. Clipping their nails is just like doing so with a dog’s.When cutting the nail, you need to be looking for that red vein that travels through the nail. Don’t clip it! You should also do this once every two weeks.

3. Brushing the Teeth.

Yes, you have to brush his teeth! And I hate to break it to you but no, there is no small toothbrush that was tailored for their cute, little teeth. This may sound weird at first but this is the only way you can have a furry friend with clean teeth: toothpaste on your finger, and rub it onto his teeth.

By Laura