Ferrets Need a Hammock

If you think your cat spends too much time sleeping, then think again! Ferrets can spend as much as 18 to 20 hours in a day just sleeping. Saying that they love resting is a big understatement! So when you buy a ferret, keep this little nugget of information about ferrets in mind. Asides from sleeping, they enjoy slipping into dark and soft areas to hide. Once you adopt a ferret, make sure to provide all the necessities so they can be more comfortable in your home. This includes providing a blanket when it is really cold – a light one when it is a bit warm. Need to regulate their temperatures while sleeping. But unlike humans, ferrets need two beds in their cage. This way, they can choose which to use depending on the conditions. You might think it’s too much but, this helps them get the needed rest in order to be healthy.

One type of bed that you can give your pet is a sleep sack. It has opening in both ends making them easier to use. However, this is bet used by your pet when playing. Another sleeping choice you can provide your pet is a ferret hammock. Just like an ordinary hammock a ferret hammock is secured properly and suspended midair. It provides a comfortable cradle for your pet with ample space and security. Remember the soft, hiding place earlier, this is a good choice for that. Furthermore, hammocks are great choices since they can provide the right temperature for the ferret. In fact, it is a common choice for pet owner once they buy a ferret. These sleeping quarters come in a variety of sizes and shape. They may even be big enough to support two ferrets at the same time. Also, you have the option of buying it lined or not.

Having a hammock in your ferret’s cage does more than just provide a place for sleeping. You can use it as a sort of safety net for your pets. Since ferrets love to climb, there are times when they fall off. Having hammocks help break their fall and avoid injuries. A safe and healthy environment is what your pet ferret needs. It’s imperative you keep the health standards of your pet’s cage in constant check. Make sure you regularly clean their beds and cage. That’s best for both of you. When you adopt a ferret, be reminded that they are living creatures that require special attention. In order for them to grow healthy, you must provide them with all the necessities they require.

By Laura