Finding Snacks to Maintain a Healthy Ferret Diet

There is nothing harder than looking into a ferrets beautiful face and see the longing in their eyes when you are eating. Very quickly your pet will have you wrapped around its little finger and you will easily fall into the ferret “cute” trap. So, in order to keep it from eating all of the “bad” foods that you might be tempted to share, you will want to have the good treats and foods on hand whenever you are putting food in your mouth.

Ferrets love sugary treats. Grapes, raisins, frosty mini wheat, they love it all. However, besides being lactose intolerant, they cannot digest these kinds of foods and can get really sick if they eat them. No milk, cheese, cheese cake, ice cream, etc. If you leave anything on your table, counter, or in a drawer, they will figure out a way to get it when you are not looking. I would keep my cereal, sugar, and all the other sugary foods in the refrigerator.

When you are getting treats for your ferret, think high protein. Meat, eggs, baby food meats without carbohydrate, muscle or organ meat, egg products. Very little carbohydrate and calories. For one thing, they get fat very easily when they are not fed properly and they get malnourished very quickly when they are eating bad foods. They cannot digest things like fruits, vegetables, and grains.

You will find many different types of ferret treats sold. When getting treats be sure that they are high protein and low in carbohydrates and calories. Many pets develop a love for certain flavors so if you fail to start them on store bought treats young you may have a hard time getting them to love them. If you are trying to wean your ferret off people food you can put a little peanut butter on the treat. They love peanut butter and its good for them.

When you get your ferret the first thing that you will notice is its hard to say no. You may have illusions of making and sticking to rules but certain “pet” expectations will quickly go away as soon as it figures out how to open cage door and cabinet drawers.

Feeding schedules are very important to maintain health. In order to keep it on a meal schedule, you can feed your pet when you eat. Keep all its healthy meal on a plate next to yours so that it does not eat any bad foods.

Making sure that you have snacks to maintain a healthy ferret diet on hand is very important. There is nothing worse than a ferret with an upset stomach. You will find that this is a wonderful, loving pet that will give you years of joy.

By Laura