Five Fun Ferret Facts – 5 Interesting Facts To Know

If you are thinking of adopting a ferret as a pet, they are are cute little creatures. But before you bring one home, here are some fun facts to know that will help make you a super owner.

Ferrets Are Illegal In Many Places—Seriously, these little creatures are illegal to have as pets in many parts of Australia. They can only be kept in Brazil if they have a microchip surgically placed for identification. In Portugal they are used exclusively for hunting and only if you obtain a government permit.

The regulations vary greatly among states in the United States.. Before 1980 they were banned throughout the United States. But since that time each state has adopted its own guidelines for these little creatures.. For example, they are prohibited in Washington DC, New York, California and on military bases.

So before you promise one of these cute little creatures to an even cuter little girl or boy, check on the rules about these animals where you intend to live.

They Sleep A Lot—They spend 14 to 16 hours a day sleeping. Your life style and schedule for spending time with your pet will determine whether this is good news or bad.. They are most active in the early morning and in the early evening just as it gets dark. They enjoy sleeping in an area that is enclosed which makes them feel safe. They are also territorial about their space..

A Diet of Protein Is Best-The ultimate diet for them is one that is high in animal fat and protein. In the wild they eat mice, chicks, eggs and insects. It’s up to you whether you want to continue that tradition in your home! There are manufactured foods on the market for them, but probably the best thing to do before deciding is to consult a veterinarian.

Friendly and Funny—Because they are carnivorous (meat eaters) they have a no-kidding set of teeth meant to rip and tear meat. Are you nervous yet? But despite this, they are typically gently with their owners and tend not to bite the hand that feeds them.

When they are happy they tend to do a little dance, bump into things, and even hop sideways. This is their way of playing. When they are upset, angry, or feel threatened they hiss in a way that is hard to mistake.

There Is Odor—Like many animals, they secret an odor when they are frightened or anxious. But unlike skunks the scent is not as powerful nor does it last as long. The good news is that most of the pets sold in the U.S. have had their anal glands removed so that this does not happen. But wait, there’s more. They will often mark their territory with urine.

By Laura