Five Tips to Raising a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Baby Ferret

To many animal lovers a ferret makes the perfect pet. But adorable little fuzzy creatures are also very delicate so here are five tips to raising happy, healthy, vibrant baby ferrets.

Baby Ferret Feed

Ferret food should contain a high protein high fat content. Protein contain should ideally be 30-40% while fat content should be about 20%. If attention is not paid to your baby ferret nutrition it may become malnourished and lack energy and vibrancy. Although high quality cat food can be fed to your baby ferret let this be a last resort. Excellent source of nutrition for your fuzzy pet include chicken liver, cooked eggs, kidney etc., Remember to moistened food in warm water in a 1:3 ratio and please avoid feeding your pet with grains and vegetable. Ferrets are obligate carnivores and must eat meat. A high sugar content diet can result in insulinoma.

Baby Ferret Play Time

Don’t cage your baby ferret 24hours a day. Schedule at least 3-4 hours of out of cage play time each day so your pet can explore, investigate its environment and also interact with other members of your family. Ferrets are social creatures and if denied the opportunity socialize they will suffer loneliness. It is for that reason why buying more than one ferret is advised because as a ferret parent our busy lives may not always allow us the opportunity to give them out of cage supervised play time. Regular holding and stroking and petting your ferret is a must if you are to raised healthy, happy pets.

Baby Ferret Housing

Your baby ferret housing should be as large as possible to give him adequate space to move about and play when not sleeping. Ferrets love to burrow and play hide-go-seek so treat your ferret to the best home possible and buy a multifloor cage decorated and filled with toys, tunnels, jingle, fleece and hammock, water and feeding bowls etc., believe me your ferret will love you for it. Baby

Ferret Proof Your House

Ferrets are not only adventurous, curious, inquisitive, dare-devilish fearless creatures they also love to chew on human things like puppies so it’s important that you take every precaution to ferret proof your home. Some ferret proofing activities include blocking off any openings around house such as dishwasher, stove, and cabinet. They are great escape artist. In addition any rubbery items such as erasers, Styrofoam, shoes should be placed out of reached because they will chew on them and this will result in blockage of their intestinal tract.

Baby Ferret Grooming

Grooming your ferret on a regular basis in such things as clipping the nails, brushing the teeth and hair is sure way of ensuring that your ferret is happy and healthy. The cleaning of your ferret ear essential feature of ferret grooming since wax build up can lead to hearing problems.

By Laura