Getting Your Ferret Home Ready

Getting Your Ferret Home Ready

Before you finally decide on bringing your ferret home, there are a few things that you will have to do. First of all you have to choose a new home for your pet ferret to live in. The cage that you buy should be as comfortable as possible, and a safe place for your ferret to play in.

There are several choices of ferret cages on the market today, but make sure that the one you get has enough room for your ferret to run around in. Make sure that there are no gaps or pointed edges that might catch your ferret and hurt it. Ideally the cage should have soft bedding, so that the ferret is more comfortable and is less likely to hurt itself.

If possible you should get a cage with multi-layers, and large doors. Larger doors will ensure that your ferret does not get stuck when it is trying to get out of the cage. You should also purchase sleeping sacks and hammocks. The more places that your ferret has to sleep and hide, the more comfortable and happy he will be.

Your should also buy your ferret some toys to play with, but you have to careful because certain toys can put your ferrets life at risk. Make sure that the toys are durable and will stand up against the ferrets sharp teeth. Some cat toys can be great for ferrets.

Stay away from any foam or plastic toys because they will not stand up to the ferrets treatment. they are easily destroyed. If your ferret should damage a toy and then starts to eat a piece of it, this could result in an obstruction which will have to be surgically removed.

As long as you follow a few basic steps before you bring your new ferret home. His transition into his new life will be that much easier.