How Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?

Belonging to the order Carnivora, ferrets are a part of the Otter family also known as the Weasel family. Owing to their similarity to cats one wonders can ferrets eat cat food? These adorable pets are generally very mischievous trying to steal smaller things like watches, keys etc. which they can get access to. One can have a lot of fun playing with ferrets, but must ensure that they do not tear up the clothes or bed. Ferrets should usually be cared for in the same way one looks after kitten and puppies.

Ferrets can be trained to play tricks and pranks on friends as they are naughty themselves. Just like you would take a dog or cat out for stroll, you can take your ferret out too, and introduce it to friends. Ferrets start identifying friends quickly and get along well with humans. Ferrets are carnivorous and like all other carnivorous animals they love eating meat and cannot just live on tofu or vegetables. One can find varieties of meat, duck soup and ferret kibble as ferret food in the United States.

But coming back to the question can ferrets eat cat food, the answer is in the affirmative as cat food is a variant of kibble consisting of proteins and fats which is the same as what ferrets need to stay healthy, happy and active all the time.

Before giving cat food to ferrets you must ensure that it is of high quality and contains at least 18-22 % of fats and proteins. It is also a good idea to wash the containers well and give distilled water to ferrets. Even if it is tap water you must ensure it is free of germs as ferrets are delicate animals that are prone to infections by bacteria through water and food that is contaminated.

Can ferrets eat cat food? The answer is yes, but with precautions like proper cleanliness along with maintaining the fat and protein content of the food. It is an adorable pet which when taken care of will be source of lot of fun for your family.

By Laura