How Do You Get Rid of Ferret Fleas?

Ferret fleas can be a royal pain in the bum for you and your ferret! They bite and hang around like a bad smell and fuzzy gets annoyed.

I have found the most successful way of getting rid of ferret fleas is through the following steps:

Take all the bedding out of the cage and wash it!

Clean the cage thoroughly so that there are no left over flea eggs.

Take the infested flea carriers (the ferrets) and throw them in a warm bath (don’t literally throw them please).

While the fuzzbutt is fleeing up your arm…attempt to wash it using a ferret friendly shampoo (special ferret shampoo)

Once you have obtained substantial scratch marks washing your fuzzy from head to toe, let him/her float/ soak in the water for a couple of minutes (always let the fuzzy be able to stand in the ‘t drown it!). This should drown any fleas that were not quick enough to make it to the fuzzy’s head.

Watch your ferret look at you with contempt while you ‘lick’ your scratch wounds.

Amuse yourself at how your fuzzy resembles a soaked rat…

Ok…after a few minutes take fuzzy out of the water and attempt to dry with that at this time you may become just as wet as fuzzy, will obtain more scratch marks while fuzzbutt tries to make a run for the dustiest and dirtiest part of the bathroom (normally behind the sink and under the toilet).

Once you retrieve your fuzzy attempt to trap it in the towel (hold all four corners together) so that it can wriggle around and self dry itself.

After a few attempts at this and once your fuzzy is substantially dry let it run around in your designated play area and cringe while you watch it roll around in dust and dirt and smirk at you while doing so.

Now that your fuzzy is completely dry get the tube of puppy and kitten Revolution or Advantage (or any other ferret flea killing kitten product available in your country) and put it on the back of your fuzzbutts back (part the fur just above the shoulder blades).

Congratulations! You have now treated your fuzzy for fleas! Sometimes if your fuzzbutt is heavily infested you may need to redo this you may want to wait a few days…enough time for your scratch marks to heal. Please note: Ferrets are naturally very ‘scratchy’ animals anyway so they will always be scratching here and there.

To check if they have fleas part their fur and check if it is inflamed with bite marks and see if there are any:

Adult fleas crawling around on their fur

Tiny black dots on their fur – flea eggs.

By Laura