How to Buy a New Ferret

We are used to buying things without thinking much; as long as we can afford it, and then we buy it. But a ferret is not a thing that you can just purchase and if time comes that you don’t want it, you just give it away or throw it. Ferrets are animals that are very lovable and needs a lot of attention from its owners.

A baby ferret can cost at about $100 to $200, and that’s not all, you also have to prepare whenever your ferret gets sick and to tell you honest, it costs a lot. But if you are ready for all of this, then let me welcome you and your ferret. You are one of the millions who are raising a ferret. Don’t worry; you won’t regret having a ferret at home.

But before you hit the road to buy a ferret, there are other things that you need to know about these wonderful creatures.

• Aside from the cost, make sure that that the ferret eight week old. A kit younger than that is very dangerous since they should be nursed by their mothers. If an adult ferret needs a lot of care and attention, how much more is a six or seven week old ferret?

• Yes, a lot of us are busy at work, but if you are really busy to the point that you are not always home, then raising a ferret is not for you. As I have said, raising a ferret needs a lot of attention. They do not only need food, but also needs to interact and play outside their cages.

• One of the important things that you need to do when having a ferret is to have him vaccinated. It will not only save your ferret’s life, but also your pocket. Ferrets easily get sick when they are not given proper vaccination.

• Like most animals, ferrets can learn tricks. They can even be walked on a leash or be potty trained. Even when they are six or ten years old, they are still very active. If you did not ferret proof your home, they can burrow into your cabinets, drawers, toilets and even cracks. They are very intelligent and curious animals.

• You also have to know if ferrets in your area are regarded as domesticated or exotic. If you happen to buy one, and it is illegal then you will be in trouble for that. Make sure that you will not encounter any problem in the future. These are just few of the many things that you should know when having a ferret at home. Giving your ferret the utmost care, you will surely have a happy and healthy ferret.

By Laura