How to Choose the Right Ferret Cage

Choosing the right ferret cage for your pet is important since they would spend most of their time in it. Conversely a wrong decision would not only be dangerous but will not serve the desired purpose. While choosing a ferret cage it is important to choose one that has the right amount of space, so that your pet can do what he / she does best, rolling about. Also the bars of the cage should not be widely placed, if they are, your ferret will find it easy to squeeze through the bars. It is therefore essential to look for a cage that is designed specifically for ferrets. When buying a cage ensure that the bars are not wide enough so that they can stick their heads through it. The understanding here is if the head can fit between bars, so will the body.

Choosing the right cage

You will find several cages to choose from when you’re browsing through a pet store or through a few online sites. Buying a ferret cage from an online store is a better option since there are several varieties that you can choose from. Most of these online websites have cages that are specifically designed and made for ferrets. They are usually available from a price tag of $ 100 onwards. However the price should not be a deciding factor alone especially when you’re buying a cage for your ferret. The most important aspect that you need to look for is the size of the cage. A big enough cage will provide plenty of room for your ferret to roll in or play in. The cage should also contain enough space for a litter pan, bowls for food and water and bedding along with enough room to play in. The size of the cage for a single ferret should be ideally be 3 x 2 feet of floor space alone and should be 2 feet high.

The materials used to build ferret cages are usually of metal bars that are coated, floors are made of PVC or they could even contain a pull out tray which makes it easier to clean. The bars of the cage are at a width of less than 1 inch, this will keep your ferret indoors or outdoors as the case may be. The cage door should be made of a locking mechanism that your ferret would find difficult to toy around and escape from.

Some ferret cages contain ramps, ladders and even floors that are of metal mesh. These should be avoided as they could be a big discomfort for you pets feet. If you have already chosen one, then make sure you cover the metal mesh with ample soft cloth pads or even linoleum tiles would serve the purpose. Both are excellent when it comes to cleaning, for e.g. the tiles are easy to wipe and clean, while the cloth pads can be washed easily in a washing machine.

Make sure that you wash your ferret cage and give it a good scrub down once a week.

By Laura