How to Stop Ferrets Biting You in 4 Simple Steps

Do you have problems with ferrets biting you or nipping? Its hard when this happens both on the flesh and the heart. After all this was to be your lovable pet! But in 4 simple steps you can learn how to stop ferrets biting you for good.

Ferrets have been domesticated for over 2000 years. Ferreting is illegal in a lot of US States and other countries and the popularity of ferrets as pets has grown. But, don’t be fooled. As with many other domesticated animals, their instincts and behaviour remain in many forms and biting is one of them. It is used in play, as a defense method, to attack and also to test something for its texture and taste. Ferrets have small but very sharp teeth and are amazingly quick, so being bitten is painful and can happen before you know it.

So what is the answer? For a start don’t expect a new ferret to be cuddly with you straight away. They trust the familiar and you are new with a new smell, voice and behaviour. But with 4 easy steps you can, gain their trust, become their master and have a very affectionate pet.

1. Be Brave and Dominant

You must become the leader and family master. This means being quite brave, especially if you have already been bitten. But, believe me it will all be worth it.

Take your ferret by the scruff of the neck (Similar to what the mother would with most animals) and give a short gentle shake. Verbally admonish with a ‘NO!’ Sometimes a gentle tap on the nose at the same time provides a shock value, especially with young kits

Do not scream at your ferrets to stop biting you and don’t hit them. We are talking about firm action n the first step only to show your pet who is in charge

2. Avoid Negative Reinforcement

Patience is the key here. Do not loose faith as things will not happen overnight, but perseverance is the watch word. Try not the pull your hand away, scream in pain or smack your little ferret in any way. All of these either re-enforce that it is in charge or create fear which will encourage pre-emptive defensive biting in the future.

Sometimes we have to take a little pain. Love hurts you know!

3. Leave a Nasty Taste

If you are really not up to a few nips on the way the topping your ferret from biting you then it is possible to use substances such as Bitter Apple or Bitter Lime spray or lotion which are harmless, but leave a nasty taste.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Using the above, you will soon get to the point where biting tails off and your ferret even when playing will go bite and pause. This is the point to reward him or her for this.

Remember you are not trying to top your little fluff ball biting altogether. Toys are fine to shred, as this provides a positive playful experience and ferrets have no hands like our so biting is used for trying things for taste and texture

With the right attitude and patience and using the 4 simple steps above, you should be able to stop a Ferret Biting You.

By Laura