Cats are wondrous creatures and obviously make exceptional pets. Their inclination toward independence makes them perfect if you are not always at home due to a busy schedule.The following article will teach you what you need to know to take good care of your cat happy and healthy.

Cats really enjoy squeezing into all small spaces. A breakaway collar is a good option since it will literally “break away” if pulled too tight. This could help you save your cat’s life.

Prevent your cat from getting zapped by spraying bitter apple on them. If they like to chew on cords, keep them covered as much as possible. You can hide away any cords inside the rolls that are used for paper towels.

It can be hard to prevent your cat stay off the counter. Cats instinctively want to be at a high vantage point so that they can see what’s going on around the house. You may be able to battle this problem by designating some high-up places for your cat to hang out.

When you buy a small kitty for your children, you have to set up a few rules first. Make sure that you let your kids know which parts of the house the cat will be allowed in. Setting up rules in advance will ensure your children understand.

Cats love to be high spots. You can even lay down a small bed or blanket to give your cat feel more comfortable.

Don’t try and teach the litter box is supposed to be used. This is something that comes naturally and does not learned. Don’t force them into the box or you will traumatize them.

Take time to make your cat to go into a carrier. Cats never respond in the way dogs do. Encouragement is a better strategy. Place a beloved blanket or item inside the carrier to make your cat more acclimated to the cat’s usual haunts. The cat will feel comfy.This will make getting the cat inside easier to mobilize your cat.

Autonomous, smart and happy; cats are terrific pets. You must responsibly care for your cat in all the ways that it needs. Use the information you have learned in this article as a guide to communicating better with your cat. This lets your cat be happy for a long time.

By Laura