How to Train a Ferret to Use a Litter Box – In 3 Easy Steps!

Do you own an adorable ferret, but are frustrated by the messes around the house? Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could train the ferret to use a litter box? It can be done, in 3 easy steps and you and your ferret can enjoy each others company without the hassle of finding little ‘surprises’ around the house.

Training a ferret to use a litter box is not a lot different to training a kitten. They are intelligent and inquisitive animals and very quick to learn. The trick is knowing how to read the signs and what action to take to succeed. With a little persistence and love, you will soon find pooping in a litter box becomes second nature. Can you spare some time for your beloved pet and companion? If so, here are the 3 steps

1. Watch and Learn

2. Take Action

3. Reinforce and reward

Watch and Learn

Learn about your ferret and his toilet habits. Watch for the well established behavioral habits:

Relieving himself about 15 minutes after waking, usually a lot less (Sounds familiar, even to us humans)

Wanting to relieve himself in a corner (We all like our privacy, even animals)

Backing into corners with his tail raised.

Watch where he goes in the cage.

Armed with this knowledge, not only do we feel a little closer to our ferret, but we understand how his body works and what we can do about it.

Take Action

First of all place litter boxes in all the corners you same him visit or attempt to visit, plus the area of his cage where you saw him go.

Be there when he wakes. If he attempts to go anywhere except in a litter box, pick him up and pop him in one. If he hasn’t relieved himself in the 15 minutes, do it anyway

If he relieves himself away from the litter box, then pick him up straight away and put him in one. He will start to associate the two.

Reinforce and Reward.

Keep taking these simple steps. Reinforce habits and reward good behavior. He will soon learn that doing the right thing leads to treats.

Soon your bundle of joy will be weeing and pooping in all the right places. You may even be able to remove litter boxes he doesn’t use. How to train a ferret to use a litter box in 3 easy steps.

By Laura