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What are Some of the Things that You Need to Know About Air Conditioner

It is essential to note that there are a lot of things about an air conditioner that you don’t know. Here are some of the point that will help you to learn more info about the air conditioner.

One of the facts about air conditioner is that it was invented in 1902. This was done by a 25-year old engineer known as Willis Carrier. You find that during that period air conditioner was not used for residential purposes, but he wanted to control humidity in his place of work. This was essential in controlling the ink as well as how the paper contracted and expanded.

Not only that but air conditioner also made some area of US to be liveable. You find that afterward air conditioner became a favorite way of maintaining temperatures in homes as this made the hotter areas of US to be more appealing to live. It is being considered to have been the trigger for the great Sun Belt migration which saw large number of Americans flocking in areas like Florida, Texas, California and Arizona. It is essential to note that back then people could not stay in these places because of the hot summers.

Besides, air conditioner used to use ice power. Meaning that it used ice power to measure the output. It is essential to note that this was an old method of cooling homes which involved placing a block of ice in front of a fan. Therefore, if the output was set at 1 “ice power” the air conditioner will also produce the same amount of cooling power.

Besides, the filter can carry harmful bacteria. This is because filters can always accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria which can find their way into your lungs. It is therefore recommended that you have your filters cleaned and replaced regularly so that you don’t provide room for bacteria to multiply.

Besides, you should also be aware that three-quarters of US homes have it. You find that now most of the US homes are using air conditioner not like in the past when it was taken for luxury which uses 6% of the total electricity that the country produces.

Not only that but air conditioning also saves a life. This is one area that sounds dramatic to most of the people if you say that air conditioner can save a life. You find that when the temperatures are high during the summer, it will be essential that you install air conditioner to keep yourself cool. This is important since heat waves can result in death.