Pet Ferret – How Do You Decide?

There are a some serious questions that you should ask yourself before choosing or deciding on getting a pet ferret.

o Do you have the time to care for your pet ferret?

o Do you have enough space to keep a ferret?

o Have you educated yourself about these furry little creatures?

If your answer to all of these questions is a “Yes” then your ready to start the journey of a lifetime.

Ferrets are highly active and mischievous animals who will keep you entertained with their antics. They are extremely intelligent and hence litter training your pet ferret is not difficult at all. However, since they are extremely active you will need to make sure to get rid of items that are dangerous for them. Once left loose outside their cages they will run all around your home and enjoy every moment of their freedom. You will find them scampering around to investigate items that are lying around and trust me, they think everything is theirs.

Your pet ferret requires a cage that is big with enough space for their bedding, food, water and also some space for play. Choosing a cage for your ferret also requires you to check on certain details before you invest in one. For example, you will need a cage with bars that are no wider than 1 inch. This will ensure that your pet does not try to escape through the bars and/or get their head stuck while trying to get out. A specialized ferret cage is an ideal investment that takes care of minute details like flooring, bar spacing and even the area inside the cage.

Your pet ferret will also need a lot of attention like bathing, grooming, feeding, brushing their teeth and other ferret care requirements that will ensure their well-being and good health. Pet ferrets are very active in nature and love to play around. Give them a toy and they will spend hours and hours playing with it. There is an old saying about ferrets that I have found to be absolutely true, “A Ferret Can Never Have Too Many Toys!” However, a pet ferret prefers playing with you. This not only keeps them busy and entertained but you can also enjoy yourself in this daily-required activity. Yes, I said daily. Ferrets require a lot of your time, everyday.

Ferrets are generally nosey little animals and they love inspecting every corner of your house. If you think that you have put everything away, you haven’t. It is just a matter of time before your pet ferret finds it. Everyday is a huge adventure and they love every bit of it. Their curiosity will normally lead them in some trouble, which could be a misadventure for you. It is therefore important to keep things out of their reach and hidden in a safe place.

When your pet ferret is out of his/her cage, ensure that you are with them. Leaving your ferret unsupervised is not a good idea, for a simple fact that these nosey animals could swallow things or get themselves into trouble. Also make sure that you do not keep plants around their play area as they may be toxic for your little friend.

If you want to keep a pet ferret, make sure you learn everything you possibly can about them. I have written an eBook myself about them and you will find other educational books on ferrets in pet stores and even online. Choose one that will give you the guidance you need before investing financially as well as emotionally into one of these lovely little friends. Best of luck.

By Laura