Places Where You Will Find Your New Ferret

Once you decide to adopt a new ferret, there are a few considerations you must take into account first. You cannot just go out to the store and pick the ferret you like the most without first getting as much information you can and doing a little research. Aside from considering the kind of ferret you fancy, you must also consider whether you are going to become a good master to your new found friend.

When shopping around for your new fuzzy, you can look from these following places as a good starting point:

Ferret shelter

Pet store

Private breeder

Classified ads placed among newspapers

The place where you are going to get your new ferret would vary on the kind of pet you are looking for in the first place. In case you are a first time owner of this kind of pet, it is wise to adopt an older ferret you can get from a shelter. This is for the reason that when you are adopting kits (baby ferrets), they can become a very big challenge especially if a potential owner is not yet ready for the exigent work of holding a new ferret which is like one endless ball of energy. Kits are pets that call for socializing and training. So when you get an older ferret, you will have something which is calmer and has already been hopefully exposed to some kind of training.

Another advantage you will get when adopting an older pet is that you can have something that will fit your life and the people inside your house. Also, shelter operators are knowledgeable enough in handling ferrets to become good pets hence, once you get an older one from the shelter house, you can rest assured that you will get one that is already trained to act the right way. Most shelters will spend their time interacting with these little guys and they know the kit’s personality more than any other. In this case they will be able to see if the pets are developing a personality which is not appropriate and will be able to correct such issues before he comes home with you. The shelter will be able to change such attitudes drastically and this will be one less problem you will have to address.

At this point, you know for sure and should be aware about the needs of getting a grown up pet more than any other and as such, you need to know some of the features to remember when picking the right fur ball. Features like:

Glossy and soft coat

Clear eyes

Clean teeth

Clean ears

Healthy skin

Trimmed nails

Active and prying attitude

Always alert to surroundings

Do not go with those ferrets that are suffering from obvious issues even as simple as runny ears or nose. Also you do not want to go for those kinds that are thriving on filthy cages. Although you might think that their situations are heartbreaking; hence, you might want to do something so you could prevent him from suffering in such conditions. But you have to remember that a dirty cage is actually a breeding ground for germs and parasites that may give your pet more problems in the end. It is better for you to be safe than become sorry for the life of your pet in the future. In this regard, always go for a pet which appear clean and healthy.

By Laura