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What You Should Have in Mind When Customizing a Challenge Coin

A small coin or a medallion that bears the emblem of an organization and can be carried by members of the organization is known as a challenge coin. They were used in the old days to ascertain membership to a society and improve the morale of the members. Challenge coins are not that expensive to produce or to design. They are not only used for challenging but also as rewards for outstanding service. These coins are now also used by the police department and not only the military. Here are a few ways design and order a custom challenge coin.

Discussed here are several ways of designing a custom challenge coin in case you have no way of going about it. Deciding on whether you want a soft or hard enamel should be the initial process. This refers to the last process that determines the look of a challenge coin. A hard enamel coin is known to have a smoother feel than a soft coin. The coin’s edges are filled flush using the paint. Soft enamel coins however, have raised metal edges making them feel more textured when touched. Also, hard enamel coins are considered to be more expensive than soft enamel ones.

Before hiring a challenge coin company, you should first consider the design you wish to have on the face of your coin. In case you are looking to be unique, pick out images or insignias that relate to the occasion or people you want to give the challenge coin to. Put in mind social, cultural and emotional symbols that relate to a person’s character. Also consider dates, sports teams and flags of a club, team or country. The possibilities are endless therefore prioritize your choices before choosing a challenge coin company.

U.S coin currencies are much smaller than challenge coins. Therefore, size is one of the factors to consider when customizing a challenge coin. When deciding on the size of the custom challenge coin, it is possible to make reference to a U.S quarter. A challenge coin is an inch more than a U.S quarter. A challenge coin can be made using various edges. Before ordering a challenge coin, consider the type of edge you want on your custom challenge coin.

You only need a small order when designing a challenge coin as a gift to a few family members. Bigger events such as weddings or retirement parties, a large number of coins should be ordered. This ensures no one is left out during distribution. The factors above should be considered before calling a challenge coin company.
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